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Letter to the Editor: Response to turn the music down and turn up the podcast


To Whom It May Concern:

On January 29th, 2019, The University Star released an article titled “Turn down the music and turn up the podcast.” After thorough examination of this article, the KTSW student management team has recognized that the article inaccurately reflects the values of KTSW as a student media organization. It is our duty to serve the San Marcos community and remain unbiased in the content we produce for our listeners and readers. A large part of KTSW’s mission is to foster the creativity and free expression of our staff. In doing this however, we can only go so far when representing the university and community. This article exclusively features the points of view of the producers of ‘Womyn of Content’ with no intent to obtain KTSW’s side on this subject. However, KTSW management did contact the producers of Womyn of Content to verify their thoughts of their time at KTSW. The podcast members did point out that they did not wish for their words to be interpreted as “being silenced,” which is what is inferred by this article. KTSW supports the values and ideas that the producers of Womyn of Content represent and wish the best for their future production of episodes.

Thank you,

The KTSW Student Managerial Team


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