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Full Senate discusses policies, committees


Full Senate met Wednesday, Feb. 20 to address committee assignments and senate liaison duties.

Faculty Senate chair Alex White began the meeting by suggesting a change to both the name and the role of Senate Liaison. In changing the name and role, Faculty Senate hopes to increase participation of Senate Liaisons while not heavily increasing the service burden.

Full Senate members gathered in groups of their respective colleges and discussed their thoughts regarding Senate Liaisons. The Full Senate groups also discussed revising the policy review process

There are a variety of faculty committees at Texas State and each year, Faculty Senate sends out a committee preference survey to all university faculty. According to White, not all faculty fill out the survey and Faculty Senate believes that reaching out to faculty members will help them to complete the survey and consider actively serving on a committee.

After discussing recruiting for committees, the Full Senate meeting ended and Faculty Senate began their meeting by discussing the group conversations held during the Full Senate meeting.

Faculty Senate discussed the Strengthening Community through Faculty Diversity event that will be held Friday, Feb. 22 in the Jones Faculty Dining Room.

A joint Council of Academic Deans and Faculty Senate meeting will be held Wednesday, March 27 from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Reed Parr Room.


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