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Leavitt makes history in big win over St. Thomas

Photo by: Lauren Hancock | Staff Photographer
Toshua Leavitt dribbles the ball down court.

Four Bobcats scored double digits at Strahan arena to improve the women’s basketball season record to 4-4 with a 92-39 win against St. Thomas-Houston.

Leading the Bobcat offense in the convincing victory against the visiting Celts was senior guard Toshua Leavitt, who made history Tuesday night by becoming the leader for made three-pointers in the Sun Belt Conference. Though she made the greatest contribution on the floor offensively (25 points, 7-9 from three), Leavitt didn’t stop herself from garnering hustle points with three steals, five assists, and a defensive rebound.

The Bobcats were able to reduce minutes for their key players while maintaining a clear lead throughout the game, showing much-needed depth for their upcoming away game against Missouri. The Tigers are currently ranked second in the SEC with big wins against Duke and West Virginia.

Head Coach Zenarae Antoine was excited to see an improvement on her team’s inside scoring abilities and explained that the only way playing on the inside can take away from the Bobcats’ perimeter scoring is missing the shots taken in the paint.

“My hope is that it continues,” Antoine said. “We have a long break and we’re about to face an SEC team,” Antoine said.

Tuesday’s victory unveiled some weaknesses the team needs to resolve before heading to Columbia. Coach Antoine said a portion of the win was due to the height disparity between the Bobcats and the Celts.

“My biggest concern was the lack of boxing out,” Antoine said. “If we don’t put a body on somebody, we’re in trouble, because we’re about to face a 6’4-6’5 lineup.”


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