With a sign out front asking passers-by to inquire within, a newly opened coffee shop offers CBD oil shots that bring about medical benefits.

Lazydaze Counterculture & Coffeehouse, 718 E Hopkins St., offers the CBD-infused cups of Joe for medicinal purposes. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one out of over a hundred compounds found in cannabis. The shop offers shots of this oil to be added to your coffee for customers aged 18 and over.

CBD is a compound in the hemp and cannabis plants but doesn’t hold the same effects as THC, the principal psychoactive chemical of cannabis. Instead, this part of the plant is credited with helping many medical issues, including acne, insomnia, addiction and inflammation. Mark Huron, one of the owners of the shop, said he uses CBD most days to help with chronic back and neck pain from a past accident.

Smoking paraphernalia is readily available Nov. 2 at Lazydaze Counterculture & Coffeehouse for any visitors.

Photo by Chinedu Chukuka

“(CBD) is totally different (than pain meds) because it works,” Huron said. “I got hooked on pain meds, and I slowly weaned myself off but was still in pain. I lived with it for a long time.”

The coffee shop is at the back of a connected vape shop which features other parts of their CBD line, including vape pens, edibles and even treats for your animals by the brands Infinite and Life’s Balance. Though Lazydaze sells many other products, Loria said people come in mostly to try their CBD-infused coffee.

Manager LaTisha Loria, daughter of one of the owners, said the business has been open since Oct. 1 but held the official opening Nov. 3. The coffee is self-served and guest have the option to ask for a three dollar CBD oil shot. According to Loria, CBD is clear with only a soft, earthy taste hardly decipherable from the taste of the coffee.

Loria recommends CBD to be taken every day for the best results. Because of this, even with only being open for a month, the coffee shop gets regular customers coming in daily for their morning coffee and shot.

CBD, when bound to the vanilloid receptor, a human protein that regulates the metabolism, controls certain things such as pain perception and inflammation. This is the same receptor that would be triggered when eating a habanero pepper.

Brandon Bateman, son of one of the owners and a regular CBD user, said he helped get the shop started.

“I use CBD for stress, PTSD, insomnia, anger management if I feel like I’m overwhelmed it helps out with a calming effect,” Bateman said. “No one cares about our soldiers when they come back. I’ve had four or five friends kill themselves because the VA (Veterans Affairs) wouldn’t give them what they needed. I told them why don’t you try this and they try it and say that it changed everything, I don’t need my pills, I don’t need my prescription medication and that’s what we’re trying to do, get off of pharmaceutical drugs.”

Workers at Lazydaze Counterculture & Coffeehouse engage in informative conversation Nov. 2 with a customer.

Photo by Chinedu Chukuka

Lazydaze Counterculture & Coffeehouse is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, 12 to 6 p.m.


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