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Unicyclists kick off 14th football season

Unicycle football players wheel toward a touchdown, Oct. 14.
Unicycle football players wheel toward a touchdown, Oct. 14.
Photo By Kate Connors

Sunday’s in Texas typically call for family and football. However, one group of San Marcos locals are putting a twist on that tradition, one unicycle at a time.

Unicycle Football is a sport that welcomes everyone. In its 14th season, San Marcos’ Unicycle Football League has enrolled about seven teams that makeup the official organization (UFL).

Unicycle Football has a different set of rules than traditional football. The match is between two teams that begin on a kick off, while completely balancing on a unicycle. The players get around by riding through the defense by contact or flag play, so they can make a touchdown for their team.

The upbringing of the game came from local Marcus Garland, “Larry Gun,” who had an interest in bringing unicycling and football together. Through travels around the world about 10 years ago, he learned techniques and created rules that he established within the league. In 2008, he decided to found it in San Marcos, the only known city to establish the Unicycle Football League.

Most of the teams consist of players that come from nearby cities like New Braunfels and Austin.

Michael Rowe,“Turbo,” Texas State alumnus, joined the team out of curiosity. He knew how to ride a unicycle before he even met Garland. He created the New Braunfels team, the Unicorns, throughout his 10-year UFL career. Teams from Austin come to compete in the San Marcos UFL as well.

Brittany Gold, Texas State alumna, said she is a fan of the Unicorns. She has been supporting a friend throughout the journey of the sport and said she has truly felt like a part of the league’s family.

“The skill, the passion and excitement are what draws people into the sport or just to watch the game go down,” Gold said.

The games also feature Unibrawdz, cheerleaders who host the game’s halftime contests. They run the organization and cheer for both teams.

Crystal Pistol, member of Unibrawdz, has cheered and supported the league for about seven seasons.

Pistol said each team will compete head-to-head until playoffs. The final team will be rewarded with a special occasion.

“The award for the winner of Unicycle Football team is a family event called the Stupor Bowl,” Pistol said. “Everybody can get together and celebrate however they want.”

A set of specific rules located on the UFL website informs players how to participate fairly and correctly. The rule book informs new players on how to create their own team for the league. The community can do this by signing up for the email form online.

The games are held every Sunday afternoon at the San Marcos Activity Center, located off 501 E Hopkins St. Game times vary from 2 – 6 p.m. and can be found on the official schedule located on the website.

Check out the league’s Instagram to stay up-to-date: @unicyclefootballleague


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