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Planning and Zoning Commission votes on developmental changes

Star File Photo
Star File Photo

The Planning and Zoning Commission passed two motions during their Aug. 14 meeting involving changing low-level density areas into medium-level density areas to promote affordable housing.

The two passed motions were the approval of a replat of two-and-a-half acres on Park Court at Willow Creek and the plan to change 128 Windmill Drive from low-density housing to medium-density housing and small multi-family buildings at 128 Windmill Drive.

The commission postponed one motion: a plan to change a future development area into a character district covering five acres located at 128 Spring Road. The area is outside of city limits and is considered environmentally sensitive. The development project plan includes 27 lots of family living.

The commission was unable to reach a decision at the meeting due to concerns about the potential impact the development could have on the environment and current residents who live on Spring Road, leading to the postponement.


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