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Planning and Zoning Commission faces pushback on rezoning

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The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request to rezone currently unused land to City Council and approved liquor permits for three businesses.

Residents spoke out against the potential construction of a neighborhood during the Planning and Zoning Commission’s June 13 meeting. Concerns for floods, traffic and environmental conservation were cited.

The land between Wonder World Drive and Ranch Road 12 would be developed into a neighborhood. Over 10 San Marcos residents voiced concerns during the meeting’s citizen comment period, referring to personal home-flooding stories as a reason against the rezoning.

“Every time they’ve tried to change the zoning around our house and approve those buildings, we have been here at city council,” Pam Foster, San Marcos resident, said.

With the new zoning code passed in April, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Mark Gleason voted in support of the rezoning because of the environmental stringency of the new code.

“If it weren’t for the new codebook, I wouldn’t vote for this,” Gleason said.

Jim Ladner, neighborhood developer, spoke on behalf of land-owner Michael Moffitt. He was in support of his business’ neighborhood development plan.

After citizens voiced their concerns, Ladner said he knows the history of flooding in San Marcos, like the Woods apartments in 2015. However, there must be trust in the development team’s engineer.

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved conditional-use permits for three business: Starplex 12 movie theater, Umami restaurant and San Marcos BBQ. Starplex and Unami renewed their permits and San Marcos BBQ received a new permit.

The agendas for all Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are available on the City of San Marcos website. The next meeting will be held 6 p.m. June 26.


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