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Horizontal jumper turns pressure into success

Alvin Chikaeze jumping
Alvin Chikaeze, horizontal jumper, is glad he joined the track team.

Courtesy of Sports Information.

Senior year for some student-athletes is a bittersweet experience, especially for those who have been a part of athletics all four years of college.

Alvin Chikaeze, senior horizontal jumper, has dedicated time and work to the track and field program.

The athlete initially did not take any serious interest in track until his junior year of high school. Chikaeze preferred basketball over track.

“I thought I was going to play basketball in college,” Chikaeze said. “I ended up on this route, but I’m very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have received on the track team.”

Track has not only been a commitment for the athlete but also a way to appreciate perseverance.

“I have learned to never sell myself short which is why I never gave up,” Chikaeze said. “I give 100 percent into practices and meets because I want to (best) represent myself.”

Being part of the team is an experience he will always remember.

“The best part about being on the team is traveling,” Chikaeze said. “We get to visit various places while focusing on track.”

Chikaeze appreciates winning and being successful on the track team, but said finding time for himself can be difficult. The sport can be demanding at times, however, he does not feel pressure because he has become a master of time management.

“My everyday schedule is the same with few minor changes from time to time, so I know what is expected of me,” Chikaeze said. “I do not waste time because I like to do other things outside of track.”

Throughout his four years on the team, Chikaeze has learned to value his support system.

“My close friends and family kept me motivated and grounded throughout this entire journey,” Chikaeze said. “I know that they will continue to encourage and root for me even if it does not involve track.”

Chikaeze’s friends and family have also noticed his character on and off the track. He has left an impression upon those who look up to him on a personal level.

His younger brother, Greg Chikaeze, admires Alvin Chikaeze’s “go-getter” mentality. Being a University of Texas San Antonio track athlete himself, Greg Chikaeze is very thankful to have Alvin Chikaeze as a brother because he sets no limitations on his life and has greatly influenced his own personal growth and ambition.

He has taught me that nothing in life is given to you and to work hard and take what you deserve,” Greg Chikaeze said.

Alvin Chikaeze’s girlfriend, Kastina Fishback, appreciates how selfless he is. She recognizes how Alvin Chikaeze listens to others and offers helpful advice; she respects his work ethic towards track because he pushes himself and others to be the best.

“Everybody needs someone like him in their lives,” Fishback said. “He is a senior, so the younger guys look up to him as a great role model to follow.”

Although Alvin Chikaeze’s track career is ending at Texas State after this season, he is prepared for his new journey. His plans for the future involve his goals and continuous efforts to be great.

“I have plans to continue my track career at the Olympics, God willing,” Alvin Chikaeze said. “Until then, I will be working towards starting my own foreign exchange trading business while pursuing a career in software engineering.”

Alvin Chikaeze will continue to represent success and build legacies wherever he goes.


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