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Student Government passes hygiene product policy during meeting

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Student Government held its roundtable March 19 and passed a policy that will place menstrual hygiene products in campus bathrooms.

The Menstrual Hygiene Availability Act passed unanimously with one abstention. In an effort to reduce the cost of student spending on hygiene products, the act will make these products available in on-campus bathrooms. Products will be purchased and distributed through Aunt Flow, an organization that advocates for the widespread availability of free menstrual hygiene products.

A pilot program will provide menstrual hygiene products in the three most populated buildings on campus. Following feedback, the program will move forward.

The Extension of the Cats on the Go Disability Service also passed unanimously. Previously, this policy only adhered to students that live on campus. Now, disabled students will receive an extended amount of transportation options on campus, regardless of where they live.

Sen. Elijah Miller said the new diversity and outreach commission along with Student Government President Connor Clegg is drafting a letter to students that will acknowledge shortcomings of the current administration and will begin mending the relationship between students and the administration.

Student Government held its semi-annual roundtable in the LBJ Ballroom, for students to address their concerns. President Denise Trauth, Vice President of Student Affairs Joanne Smith and the Student Government cabinet were present to hear these concerns.

Following a year of divisive events, Trauth faced questions regarding safety and security on campus and acknowledged the concerns of minority students.

In response to a student-led Twitter boycott of Texas State, Smith encouraged students to create a constructive dialogue on campus rather than focus on sending prospective and current students.


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