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Students seek low cost off-campus living

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As the end of the semester is approaching, students are beginning their search for off-campus living. Affordability is a major consideration for some students.

There are several different factors a student will consider when choosing an apartment. For Brianna Edwards, history sophomore, affordability is her greatest concern.

“Living in an apartment for one year versus living in a dorm for two semesters is literally the same price so you get more bang for your buck,” Edwards said.

When looking for apartments Edwards is looking for somewhere in the price range of $530-550. and has a close proximity to campus. However, apartments at that rate tend to be farther out.

“I need to make sure there’s an easy way to get to campus,” Edwards said.

Cameron Jimenez, sociology freshman, said he believes that affordability is a key factor in choosing an apartment.

“I don’t really care how new it is, obviously if it’s tidy and well kept, that’s a factor and it has to be affordable,” Jimenez said.

When looking at prices, Jimenez said he is hoping to keep his monthly cost under $800. He also is looking for somewhere that is fully furnished and includes utilities.

To keep costs cheaper, students often move-in with multiple people.

Jocelynn Evans, pre-nursing freshman, said she has a price range of around $500.

Evans said she believes living off campus is beneficial because it is less expensive than living on campus and is available for long-term leasing.

“I want something affordable, something that’s not too far from campus that maybe if I don’t have a car, I can take a bus to campus,” Evans said.

Evans said she sees the positive side of living with multiple people to reduce costs.

“I would prefer to have two other people to live with but if it’s cheaper to have three people then it’s fine,” Evans said

For these students, there is an online and on-campus resource that is beneficial in helping students choose off-campus living. The Department of Housing and Residential Life helps assist those looking for off-campus living through beneficial programs and resources.

The staff can help assist students in finding and securing off-campus housing and can make individual appointments to discuss the off-campus options that are available.

There are off-campus housing fairs to assist students in their search. The next off-campus housing fair is Jan. 29.

For more information on the next upcoming off-campus living presentation, follow the Texas State Housing’s Twitter @txstatehousing or check online.


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