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Planning and Zoning Commission approved Code SMTX

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The Zoning and Planning Commission met Nov. 14 to motion the approval for Code SMTX. Code SMTX is the process to update the City of San Marcos Land Development Code so that new developments fit the community’s vision for future growth.

Planning manager Abigail Gillfillan led the single-item agenda with updated requirements for protecting the San Marcos River. The plan entails water quality standards, buffer zones, and strengthening the ability to bring non-conforming structures up to code. This update would create a more predictable process for residents, property owners and the development community; as well as relieve development pressures from neighborhoods while maintaining their existing character.

According to Gillfillan, Code SMTX improves district codes to replace older codes that weren’t working for San Marcos neighborhoods.

“New neighborhood districts were created because the former districts weren’t working with what existing neighborhoods wanted,” Gillfillan said. “This is to prevent large developments from impacting (them).”

The zoning map will remain the same after the adoption of Code SMTX. This zoning strategy allows the city of San Marcos to focus on new developments that meet the comprehensive plan.

The counsel motioned to unanimously approve Code SMTX, but ultimately agreed to remove the provision to neighborhood districts until a complete neighborhood character study gets completed.

Code SMTX now requires the final approval from the City Council.


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