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White supremacy fliers found on campus

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Late Thursday and Friday morning, fliers advocating for white supremacy were found spread around campus. This is not the first time these fliers have been found on campus.

The fliers are in process of total removal.

President Denise Trauth issued the following statement in an email to faculty, staff and students Friday morning.

“Dear Texas State University community,

Late last night and early this morning, University Police discovered several flyers promoting white supremacy that had been placed on the exterior of some of our university buildings. The flyers were removed immediately, and police are investigating the incident.

Many of you know that this is not the first time an individual or individuals have placed flyers like these on our campus buildings. I have made it clear that these are despicable acts and that whoever is responsible for posting these flyers does not reflect the true spirit of Texas State. We are a diverse and inclusive university community and we reject those who seek to divide us and the messages that they promote.

These offensive acts, which routinely occur under cover of darkness, have been documented at roughly 150 university and college campuses in more than 30 states over the past year. In virtually each case, the acts are believed to have been carried out by individuals outside of those university communities.

At Texas State, we celebrate our diversity and inclusion, and there is no place for hate at our university.”

To report any suspicious activity, students are urged to contact UPD at 512-245-2890.


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