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New organization aims to prevent sexual assault on campus

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In order to bring change and ensure safety in a college community, a new group has launched Not On My Campus to raise awareness in hopes of preventing sexual assault and harassment.

The organization was brought to campus by management freshmen Brooklyn Boreing and Kristyn Percenti, who had an agenda to shed light on a matter that isn’t often talked about.

One in five women and one in 16 men have been or will be sexually assaulted or harassed on college campuses. Not On My Campus aims to lower this number by speaking out on the issue.

“We want this year to be about raising the awareness and getting the topic to be talked about, because until you have awareness on the subject, you can’t have prevention,” Boreing said.

After launching the organization, members have worked vigorously to plan events and collaborate with other campus entities.

Boreing is a member of Delta Gamma, and has close connections to the Greek community. One of Not On My Campus’ top goals for this semester is to partner with fraternities.

Jacob Slocum, healthcare administration senior and member of Pi Kappa Alpha, said this new organization would be beneficial to campus, and is in favor of it.

“I feel like Greek life has a big impact on our university, and we hold a position in which we can positively impact our campus and community by speaking out against this issue,” Slocum said. “The stigma that the majority of fraternity members engage in sexual harassment and assault seems to overshadow all the positive things that fraternities do for their members, university and community. I just wish people could understand that not all fraternity members are the same.”

Slocum said he has never witnessed harassment from his fraternity and would be intolerant to such behavior.

“I hope people can see that we would never engage in these activities, and want to do whatever we can to stop them from happening, not only on our campus, but everywhere across the nation. An individual should never be put in a situation where they feel vulnerable and are harmed,” Slocum said.

In addition to partnering with fraternities, Not On My Campus is collaborating with Men against Violence, the Health Center and student government. Not On My Campus plans to extend its partnership to all other organizations on campus.

“We really want it to become a campuswide thing where everyone who goes to Texas State knows what it is,” Boreing said.

Communications Chair Alyssa Wakefield said she always knew Boreing would do something amazing like this. Immediately after Wakefield was informed about this organization, she joined the team.

“Chances are, you know multiple of people who have been in that situation,” Wakefield said.

With how deeply sexual assault affects and traumatizes people, Wakefield said Not On My Campus plans to educate others prevent it.

“We want to bring more people into our little circle and expand it so more people can understand that it’s a big deal,” Wakefield said.

Uniting and having continual conversations about this matter will hopefully have a domino effect on the community, Wakefield said.

Not On Our Campus launched on Sept. 19, and has already received 200 pledge signatories. Boreing said they are aiming to achieve a thousand signatures on their pledge this semester and continue it to grow.

People can voice their support by signing the pledge or posting on their social media account with the hashtag #NOMCTXST.

The Not On My Campus organization will have its first Quad day on Oct. 10, and will set up laptops for anyone who wants to be a part of the growing student family.