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Be mindful of danger when leaving the parental nest

Living Alone Illustration- Maria Tahir,Be mindful of danger when leaving the parental nest
Illustration by: Maria Tahir | Staff Illustrator

To those who are living on their own and out of parental nests: congratulations on your newfound freedom. However, as exciting as it is to be free of constant parental supervision, flying solo comes with its own risks and hazards we need to be aware of.

Living on one’s own is an exhilarating and long-desired time in every new college student’s life. Despite the inevitable calls home to inquire how to work the washing machine, young adults dream of the time they can buy junk food without their parents’ inevitable input and refusal.

Or—just imagine—actually being able to leave home without having to answer a gauntlet of questions from dear old mom.

Ah, the heaven of resting on your own laurels. Like a rose bush, life on one’s own looks perfect, but there, hiding, are punishing thorns lurking in the leaves waiting to leap out and draw blood.

We must take special measures to ward off the thorns waiting in the wings, biding their time until a mistake is made in order to strike.

There are multiple ways to protect oneself against the sharp sting of life’s thorns. Some basic techniques could mean the difference between getting robbed and preserving the sanctity of one’s home.

Such methods to protect against dangers include simple things like ensuring doors and windows are locked at all times, especially when alone inside or exiting the premises and leaving it unoccupied. This can act as an easy deterrent for potential burglars and is the first line of defense against ill-meaning individuals.

As an added protection, the resident can even purchase a Doberman Security unit to attach to windows and doors that will act as an affordable alarm to ward off intruders.

The most important thing when protecting your home against those who would do you or it harm is to make breaching its walls as difficult as possible. This will either cause burglar to be unable to enter the dwelling at all, or ensure there are enough deterrents in place to make the trouble of gaining access not worth the effort.

In this social media permeated world, it is of extreme importance you do not announce your absence from home on any social media site, like Facebook or Twitter. Spreading it around the Internet you won’t be home at a specific date and time is a big no-no.

This is especially true for those who do not live with roommates or parents and will leave their home abandoned and utterly vulnerable to robbers. So please, for once in your life, don’t scream out your whereabouts to all of Facebook. There could be the wrong type of person listening in.

Nevertheless, it would be wise to make sure at least one other person knows where you are when you leave the house. If a tragedy were to occur, you need someone to miss you if you don’t come home that night.

Now, while these tips might not make your home an impenetrable fortress or ensure nothing bad will ever befall you, taking these simple steps will put you in a good position to ward off the hidden thorns of the world.