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Unwrapping the mystery of fast food secret menus

Photo by: Tyler Dumas | Staff Photographer
Most everyone in San Marcos is excited about the opening of the new In-N-Out Burger, but are they aware of the infamous secret menu?

The next time you walk into your favorite fast food joint, try something new and order from its secret menu.

Hidden menu items can be found at most popular fast food chains such as, Burger King, McDonald’s and In-N-Out.

Janelly Sanchez, Burger King employee, said she enjoys having a secret menu because it allows customers to choose from items not found anywhere else.

“The veggie burger is probably the most popular item from our hidden menu,” Sanchez said. “A lot of vegetarians thank us for having it since not many other fast food places offer meatless options.”

Other than its popular veggie meal, Burger King’s secret menu also includes the Rodeo Burger—a whopper topped with onion rings and barbecue sauce—and ‘Frings,’ a combination of fries and onion rings.

Another Burger King secret item is the Suicide Burger, which comes with four patties, four cheese slices, bacon and a special sauce.

McDonald’s doesn’t have an official hidden menu, but the hacks can be used at any location as long as the order is clearly explained.

Justin Lang, McDonald’s employee, said the customer-made guide is a good way to help someone work the menu to create a one of a kind order.

“We can pretty much add any sauce, meat or side you want to the order as long as you pay for the extra ingredients,” Lang said. “I’ve heard about the secret menu that is online and even though it is not official, that doesn’t mean we can’t make what you ask.”

Visit your local McDonald’s and try the Land, Sea and Air burger, which is a combination of the Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties.

The Chicken McGriddle is also a game changer by putting together the sweet taste of maple syrup and chicken.

Another simple but tasty order is fries with a side of Big Mac sauce.

For a more accredited hidden menu, In-N-Out is known for having its not-so-secret menu publicized and displayed on its website.

Caroline Hines, In-N-Out employee, said the secret menu allows customers to have a variety of options.

“We want the customer to be happy and get the full experience of great service at In-N-Out,” Hines said. “I think having the not-so-secret menu helps accomplish that goal.”

If one patty isn’t enough, go for the Double Meat Burger on the secret menu. 3 x 3’s and 4 x 4’s are also offered containing three or four patties and cheeses respectively.

For the healthier option, try the Protein Style Burger, which replaces the bun with hand-wrapped lettuce.

Grilled Cheese and an Animal Style Burger are also on the hidden menu.

Sanchez said the secret menu offers a personal connection with customers.

“I always think it’s really cool when customers come in and order from the secret menu,” Sanchez said. “It kind of feels like we are communicating in a secret language.”