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Local Wendy’s workers go on strike to demand action

Photo by: Fight for 15 organization
Wendy's employees, San Marcos residents and Fight for 15 supporters gathered together to hold a strike against local Wendy's working conditions.

The employees of the San Marcos Wendy’s restaurant were tired of the heat so, they got out of the kitchen.

According to a press release, workers have been asking management of the restaurant to repair a broken air conditioning system. With the summer heat increasing by day, the kitchen regularly exceeds 100 degrees. One worker has reportedly passed out due to these conditions.

A petition circulated and was signed by 20 employees last week in order to convince management to fix the broken air conditioning system. Management did not take immediate action.

Due to the inaction by management, 13 Wendy’s employees walked off of the job on Saturday. They were joined by approximately 30 members of the community and supporters of the Fight for 15 movement.

Joshua Perez, Wendy’s employee, has been working for the company for years and is one of the several employees that went on strike Saturday.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Perez said. “It literally feels like hell working in that kitchen and it’s only going to get worse this summer.”

Management resolved the strike by agreeing to have the broken air conditioning system addressed by Monday.

“Management confirmed today that they bought a new AC today,” Perez said. “They said they are planning to install it in a few days.”

Perez said the workers have ended the strike but they are still working without an operating AC until the new unit is installed. However, they are now using portable fans and a portable AC temporarily.

The restaurant is located at 701 E. Hopkins Street.