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Controversial Confederate marker closed by Cousins of the Confederacy

Tafari Robertson, public relations sophomore, at the May 9 Cousins of the Confederacy meeting. Photo courtesy of the San Marcos Cinema Club Facebook page.
Tafari Robertson, public relations sophomore, at the May 9 Cousins of the Confederacy meeting. Photo courtesy of the San Marcos Cinema Club Facebook page.

The controversial Jefferson Davis marker across the street from Sewell Park was unofficially closed early Monday by Cousins of the Confederacy members.

Members covered the marker with what appears to be garbage bags, and placed a sign reading “temporarily closed, pending further race analysis.”

According to a May 9 Facebook post, members agreed the monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis should be shut down immediately. Members agreed Texas Department of Transportation officials needed to explain the delay in removing the monument.

The Facebook post, published on the San Marcos Cinema Club’s page, reads:

“At their gathering this morning–held every 150 years to assess the group’s core values—the Cousins agreed by consensus that the disgraceful monument to the failed Confederate leader must be shut down immediately and that the Texas Department of Transportation needs to explain why they have delayed so long in removing it.”

It goes on to state:

“Students, faculty and administration have long called for its ouster—which was expected to be finished this Spring according to the Hays County Historical Commission, and yet it remains—so the Cousins resolved to bag the offensive monument & erect a sign letting passersby know the wretched relic will be ‘temporarily closed, pending further race analysis’.”

Officials and community members have debated the marker’s fate since August 2015.

The monument was vandalized in late April when Jefferson Davis’ name was spray-painted over. University Police Department officers were investigating, said Jayme Blaschke, director of University News Service, in April.

“The university is in ongoing discussions with TxDOT and the Daughters of the Confederacy to have the monument removed and relocated to some other location in Hays County where the history would be preserved,” Blaschke said. “The university is committed to having the marker relocated.”

In February, representatives of the Hays County Historical Commission requested the marker be relocated rather than disposed of.

“At this point, the commission has not been able to find a place to relocate the marker, but I have been informed that it won’t be at the courthouse,” said Luanne Cullen, secretary to HCHC chairman, in February. “We do know that the marker will likely be removed from campus this spring.”

University officials were working on a legal analysis of who has the authority to remove the marker, said Eric Algoe, Finance and Support Services president, in February.

TxDOT officials have jurisdiction over the marker and must approve its relocation. University officials and HCHC representatives were waiting on a response from TxDOT officials after requesting the marker be moved.



    • Vandalism involves deliberate destruction of or damage of property neither of which happened by the by the Cousins of the Confederacy.

      Those are what is happening now, in this tyme. Homosexuals and freaks out in full display. Blacks intitled to play the part of mohammedans who go around the world destroying names and monuments that offend their so-called “”religious”” sensibilities. (read hurt their infantile itty bitty feelings) Blacks culture purge = taliban, isis and so on.

  1. I’m not a fan of white washing history, part of our heritage includes the dark parts to it. You can have race/cultural consciousness without white-washing the past.

  2. Is this an April Fool’s joke? Surely a serious, legitimate article has never been written where EVERYONE in it is a full-blown idiot.

  3. That is deplorable actions. Removing and limiting access to historic monuments just because you do not agree with them is an ISIS-type action.

  4. The last men to fight for the principles embodied in the Declaration and the Constitution wore gray and butternut brown.

    This people has not been free since that government made war on its own peope and removed itself from the oversight of its creators and their sovereign states. The rightful line of authority was short-circuited, has never been corrected, and despotism took its place.

  5. The goal here is to destroy and debase white people and their history. The Confederacy did nothing wrong in defending themselves against the northern invaders. Jefferson Davis is a hero and a patriot.

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