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Ringing in the 2016 Swimsuit Trends

Photo by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer
Sweet heart bikini bathing suite tops are one of the many types of swim suites that are in style this summer.

As the weather warms up, halter tops, one pieces, high-waisted bottoms and many other unique swimsuit styles will be trending.

Not many fashion magazines and blogs have written about this year’s trends, so I wanted to get a head start.

I spent time talking to Kapo Tong (exploratory professional junior), Kendyl Kaufmann (fashion merchandising sophomore) and Jordin Redou (fashion merchandising junior) about how swimsuit trends have changed over the years and what looks will be popular this season.

Growing up, most swimsuits I saw people wearing were the classic triangle top bikinis. However, lately more designers are fashioning quirky and unique styles.

“Last year, the Triangl brand was popular,” Kaufmann said. “This year it is not as popular since most everyone already has one.”

The statement “less is more” is definitely apparent in swimwear. Although skimpy bathing suits will continue to be popular, this year’s in-fashion swimwear is more modest than usual.

“One pieces can show off a woman’s curves in the right way. Swimsuits had a lot more fabric in the past,” Tong said. “I think one-pieces are going to be the next big thing because they look good on everyone.”

Although she agrees more fabric is popular right now, Redou said some one-pieces are far from the modest suits that may come to mind.

“Some one pieces are so scandalous,” Redou said. “So, I guess some people agree that slightly less is more.”

When it comes to popular colors, this year many college students are opting to wear bright colors. Color blocking is a huge trend right now. However, the classic colors such as black, red and white will never go out of style.

A cover up that will be popular this year is a kimono. Kimonos are made of a very light material and can have floral or other fun patterns in cute colors. Black, white or other neutral colored cover-ups will also be trending because they match with any swimsuit.

Another huge trend is wearing mismatched tops and bottoms. Lately, people in our age demographic do not care to match their swimsuits. Buying mismatched tops and bottoms can actually save money, which is a huge plus for college students.

“Personally, wearing mismatched swimwear is not my thing,” Kaufmann said. “If you are going to try and pull off wearing a top and bottom that do not match, you really have to do it right or people will be able to tell.”

Regarding guys, options are limited—unless they opt for Speedos, which are definitely not in style. Short-length swim trunks, like Chubbies, are trendy right now, especially with bright colors and patterns.

More important than being trendy is making sure you like your bathing suit and feel confident when you slip it on, Redou said.

“What’s the point of buying a bikini if you are not comfortable in it and spend all day in a cover-up?” Redou said.

Keep a look out for the latest trends when shopping for swimwear this year.