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Attend Austin Fashion Week for fun and fashionable inspiration

Photo by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer
Texas State students strut in thier fashionable booties in spirit of Austin Fashion Week.

The 8th annual Austin Fashion Week is currently taking place in the fashion capital of Texas.

AFW started April 15 and will continue until April 23. AFW is the largest fashion event in Texas and one of the best in the southern United States.

The week kicked off with a gallery-style event featuring fashion looks printed on canvas, followed by a show of each of the images coming to life.

Other events include a mother-daughter brunch celebrating the 130th birthday of the legendary Driskill Hotel, featuring fashion by some of Texas’ top vintage boutiques. There will also be a series of events hosted by Austin locals.

The main event encompasses the last three days with various runway and gallery shows.

Those interested in attending AFW can choose from a variety of ticket packages, from VIP packages to Individual Event Tickets.

The first major runway and gallery show will take place Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the JW Marriott Austin and feature designers such as Katie Kime, M.E. Shirley, Plenty-FM and Perfect Population.

Kime designs clothes, accessories, paper and furniture.

M.E. Shirley is a women’s clothing line based out of Austin. Designer Lindsey Creel creates with the intention of making each article “someone’s favorite piece.” The brand is dedicated to Creel’s great-grandmother, Mary Edna Shirley. M.E. Shirley’s clothes are neutral-colored and pieces great to have in a wardrobe.

Perfect Population was founded in 2011 and carries a mix of 1950s style, modern day trends and futuristic looks. The incorporation of past, present and future creates a brand able to live on for a long time.

The next runway and gallery show will take place Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the JW Marriott Austin and will feature designers including Linda Asaf Design, Gail Chovan, Sally Daneshjou Collection, and Rare Trends.

Asaf designs wedding gowns, evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Each dress Asaf designs is completely different than the other dresses.

Sally Daneshjou also designs formal wear. Her dresses are modern, yet elegant, and sophisticated. Many of her dresses will enhance the wearer’s silhouette and are timeless.

Rare Trends is for the woman wishing to make a bold statement with her attire. Each article of clothing purchased will tell a story.

The final runway and gallery show will be Saturday at the same time and place as the previous days. Ross Bennett, Scout Sports, Isabella Rose Taylor and This is Sloane are some of the designers to be featured at the show.

Ross and Erin Bennett founded the company in 2008. Ross Bennett designs and creates custom pieces for both men and women. As the business grows, the company plans to stay local and maintain a personal experience with each client.

Taylor’s line was launched in 2012 and is inspired by the world and by her love of art. Taylor believes fashion and art are connected.

Sloane Lenz is a 20-year-old fashion designer making the majority of her clothes with unconventional material. Her garments are beyond unique and make extremely bold statements.

Next weekend University Star reporters will be attending the runway and gallery shows, so keep an eye out for reviews.