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Talk It Out: NASA & Funding Space Exploration

Illustration by: Lauren Huston | Design Chief

Host Mikala Everett moderates a discussion between columnists Jourdan Bartels and Bridgett Reneau on whether or not the United States should continue to fund space exploration. Reneau opposes the allocation of funds and Bartels thinks space exploration is important. Listen to find out their perspectives.


  1. NASA has been leading the charge on researching global warming for decades. Without the Landsat program, we couldn’t measure global temperatures, watch the ice shelf disappear. Without NASA we wouldn’t be able to study the extrapolated effects of global warming, which has turned Venus into a hellscape capable of melting lead on the ground and dissolving metal and bones in minutes with rains of pure acid. Humanity will never fully address the problems on Earth, and if those problems catch up to us before we have colonized Mars humanity might become extinct. Support NASA, SpaceX, Blue Horizon, whatever we need to in order to take humanity to the stars.

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