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Student Government meeting adjourns early

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After a week of controversy concerning Student Government’s practices, the Senate’s weekly meeting lasted only 14 minutes and consisted of two agenda items.

Anthony Galo, senator and political science junior, read the first item: a resolution about increasing the amount of lights on campus. The resolution will be voted on next week.

The other item concerned the nomination of a new director of government affairs. Cutter Gonzalez, geography junior, was nominated, but missed roll call at the beginning of the meeting. Shortly after attendance was taken, Mason McKie, senator, requested that the nomination be removed from the agenda because Gonzales was not present.

Gonzalez arrived a few minutes after the motion to the  remove the item was seconded had been made. The appointment was not addressed and the meeting was adjourned.

“It’s never happened before, but during roll call, (Gonzalez) wasn’t present,” said Holly Pavlicek, vice presidential candidate and communication disorders sophomore. “To make the meeting go by quicker, since he wasn’t present, that part was taken out.”

Lauren Stotler, student body president and management senior, said the meeting was unusually short because Student Government has experienced a busy week and the senators needed a break.

“We’ve had a bunch of stuff the past couple of weeks,” Stotler said. “So, you know, I just think we were kind of taking break.”

Last week, Student Government election results were delayed after the Election Board found presidential candidate Andrew Homann, finance sophomore, and his running mate Samantha Martinez, political science sophomore, guilty of violating a campaign suspension they received as a consequence of receiving endorsement from their respective Greek organizations.

The suspension was instated by the Student Government Supreme Court, as receiving endorsements from chartered student organizations is a direct violation of the Election Code.

As a result of the Election Board decision, the Homann-Martinez campaign was disqualified. The candidates appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, but their appeal was denied. Homann said the pair plans to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision to the Dean of Students.