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Hey! VINA makes finding female friendships as easy as swiping right

Photo by: Antonio Reyes | Staff Photographer
Hannah Jurgens, art history junior, and Isabel Mauricio, international studies junior, conversate over coffee March 6 at Jo's Cafe.

Dating apps have taken the millennial generation by storm, and a similar app available in select cities takes the concept and applies it to friendship. But sorry guys, it doesn’t apply to you—this one is exclusive for girls.

Hey! VINA is the Tinder of female friendships. Co-founders Jen Aprahamian and Olivia June Poole created Hey! VINA to empower women to come together both professionally and personally through the use of technology.

All it takes is four easy steps. Women in select cities can now make new friends just by downloading the app, connecting with Facebook, taking a few personality quizzes and then finding their new BFF by swiping left or right.

Allison Moser, accounting sophomore, said that she wouldn’t be opposed to trying Hey! VINA.

“I don’t use social media very much in general, but never say never,” Moser said. “I probably wouldn’t do it alone, so I’d probably take a friend with me. If I was traveling to a new city then I would be more apt to use it.”

Though the app has been frequently compared to Tinder, Moser said Hey! VINA is less intimidating. With Tinder, it’s hard to know what the other person really wants out of the relationship.

“(But with Hey! VINA), you’re not afraid to text this person first because you know you both just want a platonic friendship,” she said. “This app is basically just a pool of everyone who wants to meet new friends.”

As millennials, we constantly have a phone in our hands. Instead of trying to change this social trend, Hey! VINA has embraced this shift of social interaction.

With women juggling full-time jobs and families, their social circles dwindle as time goes by and friends spread out geographically. Hey! VINA wants to change that and bring women who have similar interests together. Let’s be honest—spending time with girlfriends is just as important as spending time with your significant other.

Kathy Tran, management junior, said she would give Hey! VINA a try if it ever became available in her area because she has a lot of friends who are graduating this year.

“It never hurts to have more friends. If you’re really busy and don’t have as much time (to make friends), this app helps,” Tran said. “The only thing that I could see people turning away from is if they start charging people like Tinder does for certain services.”

Apps like Tinder make a profit by charging fees to search for people in other cities. It is unknown if and how Hey! VINA will monetize.

Hey! VINA is currently only available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Allison Moser says she would like to see this app come to Austin.

“I feel like this app would do well in bigger cities, not so much in smaller towns like San Marcos, but Austin for sure,” she said.

Hey! VINA might sound a little unorthodox, but don’t knock it until you try it. You may end up finding the Leslie Knope to your Ann Perkins or the Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey.