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Comic Sans exists for a reason

Photo by: Lauren Huston | Design Editor

“Comic Sans exists For a Reason,” led by Graham Lee was a slightly awkward yet hilarious confrontation with the field of design and the wide spread ideals of those who are involved in it. Lee is the Chief Creative Officer at T1 which is a design firm located in Canada.

Lee opened up his session detailing his struggle with OCD and how it affected his work as a designer. The biggest struggle, he said was the “passive aggressive dirty dishes sign in Comic Sans” that he often saw in office kitchens.

Comic Sans, according to Lee, has the ability to evoke the designer’s message without looking like an asshole.

“That, in fact is how this session came to be,” Lee said.

Comic Sans was designed and released in 1994 by Microsoft’s Vincent Connare. The typeface was designed for use in speech bubbles within Microsoft’s programs.

The typeface, however, didn’t end up in the program and instead ended up being installed on Microsoft computers instead.

“People who don’t like Comic Sans don’t know anything about design,” Lee said. The design matched the brief and is therefore valuable. “Just because it’s not stunning doesn’t mean it’s not working.”