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San Marcos flag a banner of boringness

Illustration by: Ryan Jeanes | Special to the Star

The San Marcos city flag is in desperate need of an update. This beautiful and vibrant city has a flag that does a poor job of representation.

The current city flag consists of the city seal on a field of white, that’s it. The city with many rolling hills and a beautiful river is represented by something so boring. Most of the citizens do not even know San Marcos has a city flag.

First off, most of the city flag is predominantly white and last time I checked, San Marcos is not France during World War II. White does not reflect San Marcos. Talk about boring—one singular plain color is just not something anyone wants to look at.

Then there is the seal. In the flag world seals are seen as lazy and against the unofficial rules. Flags should be simple enough to be drawn with relative ease, and a complicated seal like this one violates the unspoken rule.

One concern some taxpayers might have about a new flag is the cost of replacement. However, that is not a legitimate concern to have.

“Naturally, flags get weathered and need replacing,” said John Thomaides, Place 3 city councilman. “A new flag would not cost the city that much extra money.”

Since cost is not a problem, San Marcos should replace the flag with something better representative of this energetic city. For instance, the San Marcos River is the crown jewel of the town and could be very beautifully and artistically rendered on a new flag.

There are many ways to use a flag to represent a city, and the current flag does a poor job of it. The Census Bureau has named San Marcos the fastest growing city in the country for three years in a row. A new flag could help solidify our prominence on the map.

Think of a new flag as a rebranding campaign. San Marcos could have a renewed flag for a new era in the city’s history. Thankfully, changing the flag is not specified in the city charter.

“If enough citizens desire a flag change, an advisory committee would be appointed to explore the possible change,” said Thomaides.

This is where a design contest could come in handy. Alaska held a contest for their state flag, so San Marcos can, too. A citywide competition could be a great way to bring the San Marcos residents together and utilize the artistic talent within.

The city flag is how the community represents itself. As the flag stands right now, I would have no idea San Marcos is a naturally beautiful place full of exciting and diverse people.

The current San Marcos flag is not one the city deserves. Hopefully one day the city will have a banner people can be proud of.