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Director of LBJSC talks about tuition fee increase proposal

Photo by: Autumn Wright | News Reporter
Jack Rahmann, director of LBJ Student Center, addresses student government Monday evening about a proposal for a future increase of the university’s student center fee.

Bobcats may soon see the student center fee rise along with enrollment numbers as the university continues to grow if a proposal to increase the fee is approved.

Jack Rahmann, LBJ Student Center director, addressed Student Government at their meeting Monday evening about the university’s need for a new ballroom.

Rahmann said that if the fee increase proposal is approved, then the student center fee would rise by $36 from the current $64. The cost will not have any effect on students’ financial aid.*

Voting for the referendum will begin Feb. 22-26 of next semester.

If the proposal is approved, the fee will be raised over the next two years, Rahmann said. Students would see the fee increase in their tuitions by $18 in Fall 2017 and by the same amount a year later.

The student center fee funds 70 percent of the operating and program budget of the LBJSC, he said. The fee includes salaries, utilities, marketing, custodial and student programming.

“Renovation is critical,” Rahmann said. “It has to start now or it will cost us more if we wait.”

Rahmann said Texas State requires students to pay substantially less than other universities of similar size. He said the University of North Texas requires a $164 student center fee.

University officials are looking to potentially expand the building above the amphitheater to develop a multicultural lounge, Rahmann said.

“We want a place that celebrates our diversity, is all inclusive and creates a sense of belonging,” Rahmann said.

Rahmann said he doesn’t want to raise the student center fee, but because Texas State is continuously growing, it is an inevitable situation.

“My job is to inform, but I’m passionate about what I do here,” Rahmann said. “I’m passionate about Texas State and I do think this is the best thing for us.”

*This article has been edited for clarity.