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Young people should not resort to online dating

Illustration by: Ryan Jeanes | Staff Illustrator

It’s no secret in this digital era that technology encompasses most people’s everyday lives. However, the millennial generation should not rely on technological advancements like social media websites to find their true match.

Apps such as Tinder and MeetMe are known as hookup apps. This has become the stereotype for people of the young adult generation: meeting a person online, having sex and then moving on to someone else.

Anyone can be fooled into thinking they’re talking to someone who isn’t who they say they are. It is so easy to make someone believe they are talking to a person who cares about him or her online. No one knows if the dreamy guy from Tinder is legitimate. No one knows if the wonderful feelings he is expressing are just part of a script he’s read to five other girls before.

The mystery has been taken out of dating because now anyone can just find out someone else’s likes by seeing what they post on Facebook, or their hobbies based on hashtags.

Online dating should be for those who do not have the time because they have a full-time job or have a family to support. It really should be used in the later years of life when true love has not been discovered in someone’s 20s or early 30s.

The age we are at now is the best time we will have to expand our social group and go out on countless adventures. The challenge of saying “hi” to a stranger in person is far more scary than saying it online. No one likes rejection, but sometimes that comes with life.

As college students, we have to deal with crazy schedules on little sleep and somehow we have the energy to stay on task. This is the best opportunity any of us will have to meet a huge amount of people in real life before we move away. Later, we will start focusing on our careers while our social group shrinks in real life but remains the same on the Internet.

People who go to dating apps or websites are not desperate or giving up. It’s just that this option will always be there as a method to meet someone. This time that has been given to us will not last for much longer.

If the girl in your history class shoots you down, then there are thousands of other girls you can try your luck with. We are the generation of dreamers and individualists. We won’t give up on finding what matters to us.


Instead of wasting time on an online app perusing women or men in suggestive poses, it is best to go out in the world and see what it has to offer. After all, everyone looks good in handpicked photos—see the world for its actual beauty and leave the Internet to the less fortunate.


  1. Since you are a female, it can be easy for you to think this since there exists the societal standard that males are supposed to hit on and ask out females, and usually not the other way around. Throughout their life, generally females will have males come on to them and give them many more opportunities to have sex or develop relationships than males will have females approach them with this intent. Even for attractive males, they simply wont always experience having people approach them the way men approach women. You even said “If the girl in your history class shoots you down, then there are thousands of other girls you can try your luck with.” but it probably would’ve been weird if you had said “Don’t be discouraged if that guy shoots you down.” because it’s not as common for females to hit on males, right? That’s why the number of male members on dating sites is almost always disproportionately higher than the number of female users. Even once you’re a member of a site, it’s usually the women who will receive 500 messages in her mailbox while the men are the ones who have to send out all the messages. As long as the communication is handled safely and maturely, there is nothing wrong with having something make it easier for you to meet people for whatever you are seeking. So before you condemn something that you probably have barely even tried at all, maybe think about the advantages you have as a female when it comes to having people approach you. If all you want in life is a serious relationship, that’s fine. But there is also nothing wrong with wanting to satisfy our basic human sexual instincts by having sex with someone you are physically attracted to without a serious relationship being involved. Online dating can be used safely and responsibly for both of these things.

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