Alumni, brothers bring unique businesses to city

As San Marcos rapidly grows, the outcry for unchanged, local staples climbs. Establishments like the ones owned by Chase and Seth Katz have become Bobcat territory icons, places where alumni—both newly minted and classic—can convene and reminisce.

The Katz brothers own Dos Gatos Kolache Bakery, Zelicks Ice House and, most recently, Pie Society. At first sight, these businesses are very different. However, according to the Katz brothers, they share the same mantra and values at their cores.

Texas State alumnus turns Dumpster into residence

The idea that Dumpsters are capable of sustaining much more than cockroach life is a stretch for most. But to one Austin professor and Texas State alumnus, life in a Dumpster is the key to sustainability.

Jeff Wilson, self-described hipster and cheerful adopter of the nickname “Professor Dumpster,” has been camping out in a 6-by-6-foot dumpster on the Huston-Tillotson University campus in East Austin since February. Wilson, who has taught environmental science at several Texas universities and currently serves as an associate professor and dean of Huston-Tillotson’s University College, feels right at home.

Q&A with Roger Sellers


Shaped by fond memories of his time as a student musician, Texas State alumnus Roger Sellers prepares for a nationwide tour, new album and performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

AR: How did your time at Texas State and in San Marcos shape you and your music?
RS: My time in San Marcos definitely shaped me in a big way. A lot of people that I met there made a big impact on me. I studied music at Texas State. It’s really when I started to take myself and my music seriously. I liked taking classes on things that I felt so strongly about. To this day, San Marcos is one of my favorite places to play because it was so important to my development as a musician. The people here are just genuine and unique.

Texas State becomes common ground for two sisters

As Chloe Scarborough, waited at the base of the Laurel Hall staircase, she recounted the times her sister, alumna Alix Scarborough, had been in the same position when she was a student.

For Chloe, an anthropology freshman, following in her sister’s footsteps and adding to her family’s Texas State legacy is something she greatly cherishes and values.

Elisa DeFord, annual giving coordinator for Alumni Relations and Family Association liaison, said parents of Texas State students can become more connected with the university by becoming a member of its Family Association.
“It’s a way to become a part of our Bobcat family,” DeFord said.

Alumnus rescues dog, opens ‘Sinners and Saints’ pub

While pet sitting a black labrador named Bella, Philip Nadeau, Sinners and Saints Bistro and Pub owner and Texas State alumnus, encountered a problem.

After biting a UPS man, Bella was placed in canine incarceration. Nadeau needed a way to raise enough money to free Bella. Thus, the Dirty Dog dish at his restaurant was born.

The hot dog, a beer-boiled sausage topped with slow-cooked pulled pork, house-made green chili macaroni and cheese and Dirty Dog sauce was made and sold to help raise money to free Bella.

After three weeks, all of the money needed to free the dog had been earned. The demand for the hot dogs spurred Nadeau into continuing the food’s sale, as well as creating and introducing new dishes for the residents of San Marcos.

Texas State graduates work with children at Austin Bat Cave


Two Texas State alumnae have made it their job to help improve children’s writing skills, whether that means going to juvenile detention centers, classrooms or halfway houses. 

A year ago, alumnae Katie Angermeier and Sarah Morrison began working for Austin Bat Cave—Angermeier as volunteer coordinator and Morrison as program director. The program focuses on helping children from ages 6 to 18 better their writing skills, teaching them to write college entrance essays as well as focusing on expository and creative forms of writing.

Austin Bat Cave was founded in 2007, a year before Angermeier and Morrison initially volunteered in 2008.

Austin Bat Cave depends on volunteers and has anywhere between 40 and 150 volunteers working for them at any given time.

Rings presented to soon-to-be graduates

After years of late nights, long walks to class and caffeine-fueled study sessions, the upperclassmen of Texas State celebrated their success Tuesday by attending the traditional ring ceremony held at the end of each semester. 

The biannual ceremony held at Strahan Coliseum is a time when upperclassmen can invite their loved ones to campus to watch them receive their official Texas State class rings.

 “My parents are so proud of what I have accomplished, and every time I look at my ring I’ll remember all the amazing times I have been blessed with during my time at Texas State, “ said Amanda Novak, education senior.

Alumna returns to Texas State after living travel dreams


One Bobcat’s adventure across the pond last summer has inspired her to move back after graduation. 

Lauren Roig, international relations graduate student, interned at the Embassy of the United States in London. Roig spent most of her internship as a commercial assistant, researching British markets for American businesses hoping to export products. This is the business aspect of her love for traveling around the world and meeting new people. 

“I always had a passion for traveling,” Roig said. “I grew up traveling with my parents. I like meeting people from around the world and seeing how we all live our lives.”

Roig plans on moving back to London in the fall after going to Italy during summer to become a dual citizen. 

Alumni river documentary to be completed this summer


Some filmmaking alumni are already looking ahead to next year’s event to submit their documentary film, even before the 2013 South by Southwest has begun. 

The film “Yakona” will be a feature-length documentary when completed and will tell the story of the San Marcos River from periods preceding human existence to today. 

Directors Paul Collins and Anlo Sepulveda and producer Dean Brennan originally expected to release “Yakona” in the fall of 2012, but creative decisions pushed the film back by almost a year.

The film is now in the final stages of production, and should be completed by the end of the summer. Once finished, “Yakona” will be submitted for entry in both the upcoming Sundance Film Festival and South by Southwest 2014.  

Graduate joins funk, rock, jazz band Progress


From the hills of San Marcos to the Live Music Capital of the World, one of Texas State’s own joined five others in bringing a fresh combination of funk, rock and jazz to the Texas music scene under the name Progress.


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