Summer Fashion Trends


In the cyclical and ever-rotating world of fashion, old styles become new trends with each passing season. This summer, 80s and 90s resurgence pieces have dominated runways, stores and college campuses, giving legs to the adage ‘What goes around comes around.’

A popular style 20 years ago, shorts-style overalls—also known as dungarees—have become a staple in the fashionable Millennial’s wardrobe. For an updated spin on the yesteryear classic, layer a thin tank or bandeau under the denim.

San Marcos Statues


Permanent fixtures representing the spirit of a community, statues serve as every day, artistic reminders of events, people and places. Both San Marcos and Texas State have several commemorative statues in traffic-heavy areas, but not everyone is familiar with the stories behind these works of art.

Fighting Stallions

San Marcos to have first Pride celebration this fall

Pride, the most notable and widespread LGBTQIA event across the world, is making its debut in San Marcos September 5-7 to celebrate the city’s rapidly diversifying population.

The Pride San Marcos coordinator, Silvia Sandoval, is a longtime supporter of increasing city LGBTQIA event visibility. Sandoval said San Marcos is the perfect location for a pride event because it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

“We have a large LGBT community that could use the recognition,” Sandoval said.

While most national Pride celebrations take place between the months of June and July, Sandoval wanted to wait to hold the event until all the students were back to fully participate because Texas State is a large part of the San Marcos community.

Veterans, students celebrate Independence Day

Regardless of how members of the community individually spend the Fourth of July, independence is a concept that birthed the nation, making it one of America’s biggest holidays.

As the conclusion of summer classes wraps up a busy semester, students and veterans alike spend the transitioning time reflecting on the holiday. Miles Nelson, a veteran of the Iraq War, served in the Marine Core infantry and now works for the Hays County Veterans Services Office. Neilson said there is a slight struggle for veterans to keep the holiday upbeat, and not as somber as Veterans Day.

San Marcos River Guide

What to Do

You do not have to shove your tube down around your waist and leap over a forest of Texas wild rice along a random plot of riverbank. The city is home to several establishments that offer entrance and exit points complete with stairs, parking and a predetermined river route.
Lions Club Tube Rental: Located at City Park (170 Charles Austin Drive), this one-hour floating trail is family- and tourist-oriented.  Visitors can rent tubes and ride a shuttle as many times as they please for an $10 flat rate. Shuttle rides are also available for $5 with no tubes included. The Lions Club is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Q&A with Randy Rogers


Years before he topped the country charts and toured the world with his band, Randy Rogers spent his days hanging out in The Quad and hitting The Square with his friends. A Texas State alumnus, Rogers is often touted as one of the university’s most successful—and famous—students. Rogers recently spoke to the University Star about coming back for shows, his upcoming tour and, of course, football season.

KD: How does it feel to return to your college town after so much success?
RR: Well, you know, it’s always going to be home for me. Cheatham Street Warehouse is always going to be my home. I love being back. I love all the kids there, and I’m proud that I can associate myself with that.

Wittliff acquires Civil War memoir of Mexican-American

In the only known account by a Mexican-American serving during the Civil War, Santiago Tafolla wrote in his memoir of the racism he faced while serving in the Confederate army during the 19th century.

The Wittliff Collections, with help from the Texas Historical Foundation, was able to purchase the original, handwritten, 120-page manuscript from Tafolla’s family along with other artifacts from his life including photos, maps and other materials.

The Hitch: Mobile eatery adds new cuisines



The newest addition to The Hitch is MamboFreeze, a shaved ice and frozen treats truck run by owner Rena Williams. Having just arrived at The Hitch this past spring, Williams brings her experience of running a second MamboFreeze and the original MamboBerry, both located in Austin. It was William’s self-proclaimed “entrepreneurial drive” and love for food that inspired her to move to Austin and open a food truck, having only herself and one other staff member for the first year. Williams is now proud to employ 11 staff members in total.

Rock the Porch

Plum Creek, a master-planned neighborhood of Kyle, has launched an initiative aimed at bringing communities together through art and creativity. The public art initiative, named Rock the Porch, focuses on placing 20 rocking chairs, uniquely designed, at places like Lake Kyle, City Hall and other public areas. The University Star spoke with Kelsey Kemper, lookthinkmake publicist, about art, music and the future of this event.

EM: What’s the story behind RTP?

Late night food options abundant in San Marcos


College students are notorious night owls, and many know the struggle of trying to find tasty food options late at night. To aid in this struggle, The University Star compiled a list of a few late night food options for the hungry Bobcat.

Wake the Dead Coffee House


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