Dating affordable in San Marcos

College romance is never easy, and when you combine the desire to impress a crush with a dwindling bank account  it is nearly impossible. Take your passion for Tinder to the next level with this collection of fun and inexpensive date ideas that will melt the hearts of even the most bitter of graduating seniors.

1. Stargazing

Q&A with Charles Austin, Olympic Gold Medalist

A true underdog, Charles Austin overcame humble beginnings to train himself to win the 1996 Olympic gold medal for the high jump. Fueled by self-motivation and the unwavering desire to succeed, he's accomplished more than enough to be considered an all-time great in track and field. Some of his many triumphs in the high jump include being a three-time U.S. Olympian (1992, 1996, 2000), 1991 World Champion, 1996 Olympic record holder, 1997 Indoor World Champion, 1998 World Champion and nine-time U.S. National Champion. He founded the So High Fitness Center in San Marcos and has earned a host of other accolades. With his laser focus and "never say die" attitude, the Texas State alumnus sat down with The University Star to discuss hard work and giving back to the community.

Guide to Gruene

Just 19 minutes away from San Marcos sits Gruene, Texas, a small town that makes for the perfect weekend trip destination. As you come into the town, it’s difficult to not get caught up in the classic small-town feel. The buildings and the natural surroundings that you see on the main street will make you feel like you are on a movie set instead of a small town in Texas, and downtown Gruene has a joyful nature about it that you can’t help but catch.

What To Eat

Dos and Don’ts of Tailgating

For Texas State students, Christmas comes several months early with the always-wonderful arrival of college football season. While most handle the festivities in a completely appropriate manner, some manage to turn what should be a mildly raucous event into a drunken free-for-all. If this sounds like your last time at Strahan, read on to see how you can have a good time without ending up as Yik Yak gossip fodder come Sunday morning.

Don’t show up already drunk

Sororities make notable philanthropic efforts


Beyond their matching t-shirts, letters and booths on The Quad, Greek Life at Texas State has set a precedent for giving back and serving the community. Chapter members of the Texas State councils each sponsor a unique cause, dedicating their time and money to furthering the organization’s cause.              


Black and Latino Playwrights Conference returns to Texas State

First started in 2002, Texas State’s annual Black and Latino Playwrights Conference is more than a method of showcasing the talent of playwrights and actors of Black and Latino descent.

It is also a learning experience for students and the public at large. Three staged readings will be featured this year: “Sweet,” written by Harrison David Rivers and directed by David Mendizábal; “Contribution,” written by Ted Shine and directed by Nadine Mozon; and “On the 5:31,” written by Mando Alvarado and directed by Ruben Gonzalez, which will close out the weeklong schedule of events.

Q&A with Stephanie Ramirez, fashion merchandising assistant professor

New to San Marcos as of three weeks ago, Stefanie Ramirez is a fashion merchandising assistant professor at Texas State. An LSU graduate with a double-concentration Ph.D. in design and merchandising, she likes to bridge the business and creative sides of fashion. With her lively personality and brightly colored top to match, she sat down with The University Star and spoke about her teaching experience, love for fashion and how her designs ended up at New York Fashion Week.

CR: What brought you to teach here at Texas State?

Wittliff exhibit highlights acclaimed photographs

Every five years, the Wittliff Collections displays an exhibition highlighting a selection of works either purchased by or gifted to the museum over that time period. Its most recent exhibition, dubbed Coming to Light, features 42 internationally acclaimed photographs that are being shown by the Wittliff for the first time.

Most of the photographs were either donated by the artists themselves or purchased by the Wittliff. The photos are generally grouped together by theme. Themes include nature, animals, Mexican history and culture, while a miscellaneous wall features fun, engaging pieces.

Impending Pride events ‘making history’ in city

Famous for its colorful parties, fabulous parades and welcoming nature, Pride, a celebration of LGBTQIA culture and rights, is held in almost every major city across the nation. This weekend, members of the Texas State community are offered a chance to participate in the festivities.  As San Marcos joins the party, the true colors of Pride are revealed.

Four years ago, Silvia Sandoval, a self-proclaimed “one-man team,” gave life to Rainbow Night, a weekly event directed toward the city’s LGBTQIA community. Little did Sandoval know that her simple attempt “to bring equality to a town that didn’t have it” would turn into the makings of San Marcos’ first ever Pride celebration.

New recruitment plan aims to create more ‘dynamic’ fraternities on campus

In an effort to combat negative stereotypes surrounding Texas State Greek life and attract a more diverse array of fraternity members, the university has implemented a new recruitment style focused on positive change. 

Known as 365 Recruitment, the new style is a year-round joining process, effectively replacing the older “formal rush” model, which set aside just one week per semester for recruitment and other organization-joining activities.


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