First LGBTQIA bar to open in San Marcos


When former Texas State student Chris Rue first had the idea to open San Marcos’ first and only gay bar, it was a casual “what if” tossed out over drinks with friends one night. Nearly two years later, Rue’s friends dug up the old idea and approached him themselves, determined to actually make it happen.

Now, in collaboration with the bar’s three owners, Rue is set to become the manager of the city’s one and only gay bar amidst a rapidly changing and welcoming university environment.


Fun Fall Events

Most Texas State students are plagued by one of two event scheduling problems: either they’re faced with the possibility of so many seemingly-fun activities that it’s impossible to fit it all unto their Bookstore-issued planner, or they’re so bored on a Thursday night that attending an extra credit lecture session is actually starting to sound appealing. To avoid the stress that accompanies either situation, The University Star has sifted through sites and pared it down to the top four events no one should miss.

•          Texas State Talent Show tryouts

Greek involvement on the rise

Texas State has over 200 organizations and a yearly increase of student body. Many can be seen sporting shirts emblazoned with a series of Greek letters on a daily basis. As is the case with the campus’ enrollment increase, Bob Dudolski, assistant dean of students, said Greek involvement is expanding as well.

“There is always increases every year,” Dudolski said. “There’s an increase in all organizations. It’s pretty consistent. Some are different sizes, but that depends on how large they want to become.”

The university has a total of 36 Greek organizations. These organizations vary in focus, with some emphasizing religion, sociability or community service. Dudolski said there is no difference in how they function.

10 things to do freshman year

You’ve had four long years. Four long years of parental school shopping, dances and seven-hour school days. But somewhere between the homecoming games and pep rallies, you found time to do your homework and study (somewhat) diligently, and all of a sudden you fooled around and ended up graduating. Next thing you know, you’re in college and probably wondering what’s next. Well, look no further. Here are 10 essential things that should make freshman year of college better than freshman year of high school.

            •          Live On Campus Or Close To It

Q&A with bartender Anastasiya Belysheva, mass communication and photography junior

There are several musts for a night out to be successful: a hot outfit, good music and a lively group of friends. The fourth and most necessary ingredient for this mix is a character that is often underappreciated by society: a bartender. Mixed drinks and the service provided by a bartender can either make or break a night out. The University Star spoke with Anastasiya Belysheva, a bartender at Nephew’s, about the often difficult—and always hilarious—task of serving drinks, bar etiquette and helpful bar tips.


EM: How long have you been a bartender, and why did you decide to become one?

Artist-in-residence to publish photography book on LBJ

Thanks to the life-size statue of US President Lyndon B. Johnson that stands in the middle of The Quad, most people are aware that he must have had at least some connection to Texas State.

What most people don’t know, however, is just how monumental Johnson’s time at Texas State—then Southwest Texas State Teachers College—was to shaping American history.

This summer, the Center for the Study of the Southwest welcomed its first artist-in-residence, director and producer John Valadez, to the university. Valadez, whose appointment will end Aug. 31, decided to take this opportunity to create a companion photography book to a 2010 PBS documentary he directed, wrote and produced entitled “The Longoria Affair.” The title references WWII veteran Felix Longoria.

Quidditch becoming popular, competitive sport on campus


Often thought of as an important component to a fictional world, Quidditch is very much a real sport to members of the Texas State campus and students across the country.

Everyone wants to know if Quidditch is more about the sport or the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, but team captain Rylan Peavler and president Elizabeth Clementi explain it’s a mixture of both that keeps the Quidditch team going.

“I have not read the books and have only seen one movie,” said Peayler. “After attending a tournament two years ago, I fell in love with the sport for its combination of physicality and strategic play.”

Both Peayler and Clementi agree that many people don’t realize how much it physical stamina takes to be on the Quidditch team.

Main Street Program to host 'Passport to San Marcos'


For students coming in from around the country, it is not always easy to adjust to an unfamiliar place. In order to make students from all locations and walks of life feel at home in San Marcos, the city’s Main Street Program is throwing a “Passport to San Marcos” party downtown to welcome both incoming freshman and returning Bobcats.

The festivities will take place Aug. 22 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and feature an after-party at The Marc immediately afterwards, giving Bobcats a chance to experience every aspect of life downtown.

Campus Safety Tips

Starting college is a very exciting time. It can be easy to get swept up in all the chaos of moving in, finding classes and making friends, which can sometimes cause students to neglect safety procedures.        

Texas State is a large campus with a total enrollment of over 35,000 students, and because of this, the university has implemented multiple safety features on campus that are available around the clock for students.

Summer Fashion Trends


In the cyclical and ever-rotating world of fashion, old styles become new trends with each passing season. This summer, 80s and 90s resurgence pieces have dominated runways, stores and college campuses, giving legs to the adage ‘What goes around comes around.’

A popular style 20 years ago, shorts-style overalls—also known as dungarees—have become a staple in the fashionable Millennial’s wardrobe. For an updated spin on the yesteryear classic, layer a thin tank or bandeau under the denim.


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