From the Field to the Fans- Cajuns Too Hot To Handle

Host Odus Evbagharu and Sports Editor Quixem Ramirez dicuss the bobcats getting burned on nation television by the Ragin' Cajuns. The duo talk about what went wrong in the matchup and what Texas State has to look forward too for the rest of the Sun Belt season.

Volleyball prepares for weekend Sun Belt matchups


The Texas State volleyball team has won two of its last three games heading into the matchups with the Georgia State Panthers and Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Arkansas State is third in the conference behind Texas State and Arkansas-Little Rock.

The Red Wolves, led by Sarah Kemps, senior outside hitter, are 6-2 in conference.

Kemps is third in the conference in kills per set with 3.8. She is fifth in total kills with 221.

“We have 10 to 12 players on the court that can help us win,” Coach Karen Chisum said. “We have to get Alex Simms and Jordan Kohl back in our rotation.”

Arkansas State’s loss to Arkansas-Little Rock Oct. 14 snapped the team’s six-game winning streak.

Bobcats to take on Ragin' Cajuns, Warhawks at home

The Texas State soccer team was exposed by the Ragin’ Cajuns and Warhawks last season.  

This year, the Bobcats will have home field advantage.

The team failed to stop Louisiana forward Yazmin Montoya in last year’s matchup, allowing four goals.

Montoya has additional help from forward Danielle DeRosa. Montoya and DeRosa have combined for 13 goals and seven assists for this season. The Ragin’ Cajuns have five players with four or more goals on the 2014 season.

“If you get caught sleeping, they will punish you because both groups have two front runners that want to run at you and go at you, much like the South Alabama game,” Coach Kat Conner said. “They just love to drive at you and create chaos.”

Beyond the Game: Keeley Davis

If someone tells Keeley Davis, sophomore outside hitter “no,” she will demonstrate what “yes” looks like.

Davis has had a competitive personality for as long as she can remember. Davis inherited her love for competition, along with her headstrong attitude, from her dad.

“My dad really loves sports, so I think we really bonded over it, and it made us closer at the same time,” Davis said. “It was something we both really enjoyed—spending a lot of time together going from game to game. We would drive all over the place, fly all over the place. I’m really fortunate that my dad was able to do that for me.”

Get to Know: Caitlynn Rinehart


DT: What do you enjoy most playing the goalkeeper position?

CR: I really like having responsibility and being able to make big saves for my teammates.

DT: What is your most memorable soccer moment?

CR: When I started my first game during my freshman year against Texas, I saved a penalty kick during the game.

DT: What is your favorite movie?

CR:  I like funny movies and scary movies. My favorite movie right now has to be “Bridesmaids” because it is really funny and Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite actors.

DT: What is your favorite food?

Get to Know: Sierra Smith

MM: Who is your favorite Disney character?

SS: I would definitely have to say Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” She’s my favorite because I love mermaids. I feel like any girl would, but I’m super into swimming and stuff like that, so I’ve always loved Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

MM: Out of the movies you’ve seen lately, what’s your favorite movie?

SS: We recently just watched “The Fault in Our Stars,” and it was so sad, but I can really relate to that movie because my mom had cancer a few years back, so it’s definitely one of my favorite movies so far that I’ve seen.

MM: What do you do outside of practice?

Get to Know: Brooke Ramsey


DT: What is your favorite hobby?

BR: This may seem random, but both of my brothers play hockey, so I have grown up around it my entire life. I really enjoying watching hockey and going to hockey games.

DT: What is your favorite movie and why?

BR: My favorite movie right now is “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington. It was really good and had a really cool message.

DT: What is your favorite type of music and favorite artist?

BR: Recently, my brother has gotten me into house music. I really like Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding.

DT: What is your favorite food?

BR: Anything chocolate, and also chicken strips. You can never go wrong with chicken strips. 

DT: Do you have any pets?

Get to Know: Lauren Kirch

DH:  What is your favorite movie?

LK:  I would have to say “She’s the Man.” That’s a great movie.

DH:  Describe your perfect vacation.

LK:  Honestly, I can go anywhere and be happy. I like going to the beach, but since it’s about to be winter, I would like to go to the mountains sometime soon. I used to go to Colorado a lot with my family and ski, and I love it.

DH:  What is your favorite thing to eat?

LK:  I have a very big sweet tooth, so I am big on candy and junk food.

DH:  What is your favorite memory about playing volleyball at Texas State?

Beyond the Game: Maddie Nichols


The Texas State soccer team cleared the bench and huddled together in celebration of its overtime win in the Sun Belt Championship quarterfinal against the Troy Trojans.

In the center of her teammates’ scrum stood Maddie Nichols, sophomore midfielder.

Tori Hale, senior forward, played the corner kick to Nichols as she floated the ball into the upper left corner of the Trojans’ goal.

Troy was devastated. Some Trojans walked away with their hands on their hips, while others crumpled to the ground.

“It was an even game, but as we went to overtime everyone was exhausted,” Nichols said. “It was the best feeling ever. The whole team rushed out to me, and we all jumped around.”

Notebook: Louisiana-Lafayette 34, Texas State 10

What the loss means: Now 3-3 on the season, the Texas State football team is in a season-defining position. The loss has put the Bobcats in a vulnerable position heading into the bulk of their conference schedule.


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