Inside the Newsroom- Ebola, Elections and Ecstasy

On the fifth episode of Inside The Newsroom, Kelsey Bradshaw, Nicole Barrios, Rey Leanos and Tara Pohlmeyer discuss the Ebola crisis and the second person to contract the virus in the U.S. The team also discusses the Texas State student who died after taking Molly at ACL, voter ID’s, the opening of San Marcos High School’s new stadium, quotes of the week and other upcoming events.

From the Field to the Fans- Cajuns Too Hot To Handle

Host Odus Evbagharu and Sports Editor Quixem Ramirez dicuss the bobcats getting burned on nation television by the Ragin' Cajuns. The duo talk about what went wrong in the matchup and what Texas State has to look forward too for the rest of the Sun Belt season.

#Bobcat411- Donkey Booty and ESPN2

Host Shmanda and Intern E discuss Shmanda getting whiplashed at ACL, Phaedra moving on from Apollo with Donkey Booty and Texas State getting burned on ESPN2 by the Ragin' Cajuns. #Shmoney

The Hispanic Perspective- Immigration

Nicole Barrios, Olivia Garcia, Ernest Macias, Quixem Ramirez alongside with Host Odus Evbagharu tackle the issue of immigration and how it impacts many people. They talk about jobs and the lack of a polarizing figure in the hispanic community.

From the Field to the Fans-All Eyes on San Marcos

Host Odus Evbagharu and Sports Editor Quixem Ramirez prepare Bobcat fans for what could be the biggest game of the year for the Texas State football team. The duo preview the Tuesday night matchup against Louisiana- Lafayette and discuss spotlight players, by the numbers and Coach Dennis Franchione's letter to the fans.


From the Field to the Fans: Volleyball and Soccer getting some love

Sports Editor Quixem Ramirez discusses how the Texas State soccer and volleyball team's season is going so far this year with Assistant Sports Editor Mariah Medina and Sports Reporter Kirk Jones.

Inside The Newsroom- Falling Into News

Kelsey Bradshaw, Rey Leanos, Tara Pohlmeyer and Nicole Barrios discuss the breaking news of the week- the attempted burglary at Vistas San Marcos. Listen as the group recaps the mayoral and city council debate and their favorite quotes of the week.

Talk It Out- The Ebola "Crisis"

Opinions Editor Imani McGarrell discusses two differing opinions on the Ebola crisis with columnists Britton Richter and Kirsten Peek.

A Community of Culture: The Hispanic Perspective

The Community of Culture shifts its focus to the Hispanic Perspective for Hispanic Heritage Month.

#Bobcat411-Uggs and PSLs

Intern E and Host Shmanda talk about the majestic baby Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are about to bring into the world, why Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL) are a thing of the past and Riff Raff blessing San Marcos with his presence on Oct. 9. #Versace