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Texas' poor educational standards worsened by inaccurate textbooks

Texas is not exactly known for having the best test scores, the highest academic standards or the greatest educational programs.

As a Texan, it is easy to disagree. From a nationwide viewpoint, Texas does not have the best reputation in regards to education, and with reasonable cause. This is exceptionally problematic because many of the textbooks that get approved for use in Texas are used in schools all over the country. This, in turn, creates not only a misinformed state but also a misinformed nation.

Militant atheism harmful, counterproductive practice

I am an atheist.

However, I do not agree with the lawsuits and attacks targeted at certain aspects of religion in this country by the militant branch of atheism. Militant atheists need to settle down in their attacks on religious America.

Cannabis prohibition hurts citizens, economy

Marijuana prohibition laws have been a detriment to our society for far too long, and we are in the midst of a critical time of change.

With the recent passing of recreational marijuana laws in Oregon and Alaska, the United States now has four states that can sell marijuana in dispensaries recreationally and not just medically. Colorado and Washington passed their legalizations back in the 2012 elections.

Midterm election voter turnout pathetic

The results of the most recent midterm election show that America still has a long way to go towards increasing voter turnout and reducing voter apathy.

Popular late-night host John Oliver spoke about the midterm election on the Nov. 2 episode of his show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. According to Oliver, this Congress is on its way to being the least productive in history. Oliver also said that campaign efforts for this election totaled roughly $4 billion.

Objectivity more important than neutrality in journalism

In the field of journalism, there exists a code of ethics all journalists, especially reporters, must go by.

One of the most important is the state of being objective. However, journalists and news outlets must not equate objectivity with neutrality. They are not the same, and it is about time journalists stopped acting like they were.

Education critical in ending sexual harrassment

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are two serious issues that are increasingly popular topics of debate.

People need to understand that sexual harassment and sexual assault are not acceptable actions to take when communicating with a person. 

Recently, popular YouTube vlogger Sam Pepper went around pinching women’s butts without their knowledge or permission as a prank. After this video sparked outrage, many women came forth with various sexual assault and sexual harassment claims against Pepper.

Veteran homelessness serious problem, must be combatted

Homelessness is a serious problem in this county that should not be taken lightly, especially for those who have fought to defend this country. 

Veteran homelessness has been at an all-time high for the past couple of years. According to a Nov. 4 Los Angeles Times article, there are an estimated 4,600 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County alone.

Students must not wait until last minute to join organizations

Students should take advantage of the opportunities offered at Texas State early in order to avoid joining organizations last-minute and trying to quickly climb the ranks.

There are 337 organizations registered with the Student Organizations Council. The clubs range from academic to special-interest and encompass everything from the American Choral Directors Association to the Construction Student Association.

Drug culture prevalent among ‘twenty-first century hippies’


Nowadays, college students carry coke in their Coach while doing acid and Adderall in their Audis.

21-year-old Jessica Hunter died on a Wednesday during the Austin City Limits festival after being given a bad batch of ecstasy commonly known as “molly.” While the rest of her friends ingested the drug as well and also reacted negatively, Hunter was the only one who died from it.

Tobacco sales uninhibited by smoking ban


Tobacco sales have remained the same in San Marcos despite the smoking ban both on campus and within the city.

The goal of the smoking ban is clear—to get people to stop smoking. However, with recent tobacco sales remaining consistent, this ban could prove to be an ineffective method.

The smoking ban was enacted on June 1, 2014. The ban affects restaurants, bars and various places of employment within the city. With a smoking ban, it could be expected that tobacco sales would drop significantly. However, this does not mean the ban is not doing its intended job.