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Talk It Out: Social anxiety presents real struggle for students

Students with social anxiety issues are constantly in a battle with themselves and their environment.

While today’s culture promotes a stigma against those with social anxiety, people should attempt to learn more about what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Talk It Out: Social anxiety should be seen as a mindset, not disorder

Disorders are nothing to laugh or joke about, but social anxiety should be viewed as a state of mind rather than a mental disorder.

People are judged on a daily basis regardless of whether they are presenting in front of an audience or walking to class. With this in mind, people are still able to be functioning members of society even though they may “suffer” from social anxiety.

'Womanism' provides support for black feminists

By this point in mainstream society most people have heard about and formed opinions on the feminist movement.

Feminism has come under attack for a variety of reasons as it has re-emerged in the limelight. The seeming disregard for black feminists within the movement is the one criticism amidst all of the complaints about man-hating “feminazis” that has some merit.

Rideshare legislation must be introduced to suit community's need

The city should alter current rideshare legislation in order to permit companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in San Marcos.

 According to a Feb. 3 University Star article, the current ordinances are written for taxicab companies, and city council members want to make sure any changes made will include fair treatment for businesses already operating. The companies working in the city, including Aloha Taxi, are known for being unreliable and often over-priced, but it’s nice the city is looking out for them.

Appropriation of black music increasingly problematic

The appropriation of black music has led to a cultural disappearing act of the influences in some of the most poetic and popular genres worldwide.

The Afro-American experience has delicately crafted many of the sounds of music people enjoy today. From blues to rock n’ roll, the pain and sorrow of the black experience in America has planted the seeds for many genres of music to flourish.

Student Government candidacy ideal for slackers, resume builders

Students should take advantage of the general insignificance of the university’s Student Government and run for a position next voting cycle.

Filing for the spring 2015 round of elections in Student Government is now closed, but if students are concerned they missed their opportunity, they need not worry. The ineffective and generally irrelevant train will be coming around again next year at the same time and place.

Teachers should not be granted use of deadly force on campus

Even in light of recent concerns about excessive force by authorities, Dan Flynn, state representative for District 2, introduced a new bill this month aiming to provide teachers with use of deadly force on school grounds.

Declawing cats inhumane, should be banned in the U.S.

The United States government should ban declawing due to the inhumane nature of the procedure.

Onychectomy, commonly known as declawing, is an inhumane and counterproductive mutilation thousands of cats undergo each year in the U.S.

Disabled students deserve equal opportunities

Disabled students on campus deserve respect and equal chances for success as much as everyone else.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 10.9 percent of undergraduate students enrolled in the 2007-2008 academic school year were students with disabilities. Disabled students are a bigger minority than many realize and should be better accommodated in collegiate environments.

Savings accounts should be opened for students at a young age

The United States is known as the “Land of the Free,” yet the cost of a college education is steadily increasing, and many things are far from free.

One of the greatest disadvantages facing students when it comes time to graduate high school is the inability to move on to college to continue their educational endeavors. The reasons for this educational hindrance often have nothing to do with their level of intellect or work ethic. Instead the educational obstacle is due to not having enough money to pay for college tuition.