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Pride events important for LGBTQIA community

This September, San Marcos will play host to its first Pride parade.

This is a big occasion, especially considering the relatively small size of the town of San Marcos and the state it is located in. Smaller cities tend to be more conservative, and the Texas government has voiced, very clearly, its opinions on the issue of LGBT rights. The members of the LGBTQIA in Texas community essentially have no rights.

How to cope without Speck

The Speck Surface parking lot has been closed in order to make way for construction of a new residence hall. Although the closure of this lot presents new problems for the already-problematic parking situation on campus, there are many alternative solutions available to commuters.

Safe ride program should be embraced by university officials

Texas State administration should extend support and aid to the new student-run safe ride program, Bobcat Boost. In a college town that racked up close to 400 DUIs just last year, administration should be eager to try anything to help protect students and the community from the dangers of drunk driving.

Governor Perry’s veto textbook blackmail, motivated by politics

Texas Governor Rick Perry is facing potential time behind bars due to a recent indictment. The indictment came after his decision to veto millions of dollars that was to fund the Public Integrity Unit. The official indictment accuses Perry of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant, the latter a felony for which he can face up to 99 years in prison.

Millennials do not fall under ‘lazy, conceited’ stereotype

Over the years, I have heard countless arguments that the Millennial Generation, or Generation Y, is lazy and conceited. Every generation has its defining characteristics; however, these are not the correct ones for the Millennials. Just one look into research done on the Millennials shows that this generation, born roughly from 1980 to the early 2000s, is anything but lazy and conceited.

Students should be aware of water usage

While the City of San Marcos is under Stage 4 drought restrictions, the students, staff and faculty of Texas State should be mindful of their ac­tions and take measures to help conserve water.

According to an Aug. 25 University Star article, the city entered Stage 4 drought restrictions on Aug. 17 of this year. This is the first time in San Marcos history that a Stage 4 drought has been declared, and while city officials are taking measures to save water, Texas State must do its part too.

Alcohol is not a hazard at gun shows

The Texas Alcoholic Bever­age Commission, more commonly known as the TABC, has proposed a new rule allowing the sale of alco­hol at gun shows. People have voiced their opinions on the potential for disaster. How­ever, it is not as hazardous as they would think.

Some probably think the new rule means a bunch of gun-lovers will be getting drunk and shooting things up, but this is not the case. The TABC would put specific restrictions on firearm usage if there were to be alcohol sold at gun show venues. TABC has also actively sought feed­back from the public regarding the rule.

Alcohol at gun shows doesn't mix

Selling alcohol at gun shows is an irrational and ill-conceived idea. 

Many things do not mix well with drinking. Swimming, texting long-lost exes and, of course, driving are just some of the things that one should not do when drinking. One would think that browsing and possibly purchasing firearms would fall under this list of don’ts as well, but some do not share this view. 

City, campus offer variety of study spots

As the school year kicks into gear, it is essential for Bobcats to remember studying is an important factor in solidifying academic success. A part of growing up and becoming the responsible young adults people expect us to be is learning what works best on an individual basis. Studying can be difficult if the environment is not right, but luckily there are many options on and off campus for all types of students.

Militarization of police instigates conflict among citizens, officers

The current situation going on in Ferguson, Missouri has shined some light on the militarization of police forces and the festering effect it has on officer-civilian relationships.