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Vegan diet affordable, plausible for college students

Veganism is a healthy and economical lifestyle that is easy for college students to adapt to.

It is incredibly easy for some people to laugh at vegans. Some enjoy waving fried chicken at a vegan and proudly proclaiming their ability to eat anything with a face. Many people seem to think all vegans fit the stereotype of only eating salad and quinoa, being skinny and sickly and experiencing no joy in food.

Athletic marketing at Texas State severely lacking

Improving the visibility of the Texas State athletics department is a conundrum. Much like effort of the university as a whole to improve its status and recognition, raising the standards and quality of Bobcat athletics will take time and patience. In the meantime, one of the most basic and important branches of the athletics department must be refined—marketing.

Implications of white privilege need recognition

White privilege is an unseen force silently holding back minority groups and deserves more attention within our society.

The term white privilege refers to the often unspoken advantages that white people may not recognize they have. Much like male privilege, it seems white people innately do not notice the upper hand they have in life. Unlike overt prejudice, discrimination or racism, privilege refers to the inherent advantages dominant groups have over others.

On-screen nudity should represent women of all sizes

The entertainment industry has chosen a narrow, cookie-cutter version of beauty when displaying nude women on screen—an ideal that needs to be changed so women of all shapes and sizes can be represented and embraced without criticism.

Decision to enact quiet zones positive change for city

Students and residents will finally be able to rest easy without the blaring of train horns as a result of much-needed improvements recently approved by city councilmembers.

College time for self-discovery, not marriage

College is a time when students should have fun, figure out life and try to remember the previous night—definitely not a time to enter into serious life commitments such as marriage.

I am not saying every college student who has ever gotten married while still in school made a huge mistake, but the decision does seem rushed. To those who have gotten married during college and are still living in domestic bliss: congratulations on having life figured out during what is normally a crazy and stressful time. The rest of us envy you greatly.

Interracial couples face scrutiny, hardships

Even in this age of social awareness and acceptance, there are still many negative stigmas attached to interracial dating that students need to understand and fight against.

There are certain couple pairings that seem to garner society’s acceptance more than others. Mixed race couples with a white woman and a black man, for example, are often considered more acceptable than a couple comprised of a black woman and a white man. Couples who do not fit within the narrow limits of American sensibilities often receive not-so-subtle double takes when walking around in public.

The University Star's Quad Survival Guide

Texas State is beautiful in the spring. The flowers burst back into bloom, warmer temperatures beckon students to the banks of the river and campus buzzes with energy that went dormant during the winter. But beneath the cheery veneer cast over campus during spring lies the seedy underbelly of Texas State—The Quad. Known to strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of even the most seasoned Bobcats, The Quad tends to become an even more sinister pit of yelling, shoving and panhandling when the weather is nice.

Racial profiling remains serious issue due to social reinforcement

Fifty years after Martin Luther King made his famous speech, the dream for Americans to be judged by character rather than skin color still seems to be light-years away from becoming reality.

The line between “the suspect is a black male” and “black males are suspect” remains dangerously thin. As seen with Trayvon Martin and the eventual acquittal of his killer George Zimmerman, the line between simple profiling and overt racism can have a costly price, especially for blacks.

Officials must improve services provided to residential students

The Student Business Services and Residential Life departments need better organization and more helpful staffs in order to more adequately serve students who live on campus.