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Talk It Out: Sexism in video games should be considered equal across genders

Video game enthusiasts are used to the over-stimulating sights and sounds each game provides. However, when it comes to the portrayal of certain characters, the feminist movement has taken a molehill and turned it into a mountain.

Scantily clad or over-feminine female characters have been a major part of video games since the beginning. Many feminist activists like to point to these female characters and say they are nothing more than over-sexualized damsels in distress. People who say that must have never played a video game in their lives.

Marriage equality a necessary step forward

The recent marriage license issued to a homosexual couple in Austin has moved the state one step closer to achieving equality for all citizens.

Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanna Bryant married Feb. 19 after state District Judge David Wahlberg ordered they be issued a marriage license. The judge waived the 72-hour waiting period for weddings and granted the license due to Goodfriend’s declining health.

Pornography unrealistic standard

Anal bleaching. Vaginal rejuvenation. Labiaplasty. Oh my!

With the rise of pornography, these expensive, painful and often medically unnecessary alterations to the human body are becoming increasingly mainstream. The Internet has made it easier than ever to find a reference point to what is deemed “sexually appealing” by society. People should not allow societal trends based on porn to shape their expectations for sex and standards of physical attraction.

Code switching part of black society

I once dated a boy who said he could always tell when I’d been around my family because I came back “speaking more black.”

Growing up in the suburbs, I learned to “talk white” way before I found spaces outside of my home where speaking slang was acceptable. It was confusing to me that kids at my school would accuse me of “being an Oreo” because of the way I talked.

Experiences like this are by no means unique to black people living in today’s society. Code-switching is woven into the fabric of survival they have been stitching for centuries.

Protestors turn 50 shades of red over movie premiere

Weeks after the tantalizing tag line “Mr. Grey will see you now” sent women flocking to the theatres, some people are still up in arms over Fifty Shades of Grey’s apparent glamorization of domestic abuse.

The general consensus of the protesters chalks up Christian Grey’s offbeat behavior to the sexual abuse he endured as a child, which is why he has a fascination with dominance and being sexually adventurous. Grey solidifies this theory with a line from the book and movie about how “50 shades of fucked up” he is.

Solar panels ideal investment for university

Climate change is a fact, and something needs to be done about it. One way the university could help is by implementing more green energy sources.

Solar panels and wind turbines should be installed around campus. San Marcos had 232 sunny days last year, and each one of those days could have been producing clean renewable energy for Texas State.

The Black Perspective: White Supremacy and Reverse Racism

Host Imani Mcgarrell, opinions editor, joins Brandon Sams, assistant opinions editor and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in a new edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss issues such as white supremacy and reverse racism in the black community.

The Black Perspective: Black Music, Womanism and Homophobia

Host Brandon Sams joins Imani McGarrell,opinions editor, and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in this edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss topics ranging from appropriations in black music, 'Womanism' and homophobia in the black community.

Students should get behind national debt campaign

Students should take the time to lend their support to Texas State’s Up To Us campaign team.

Up to Us is a national competition on university campuses sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative. The campaign seeks to empower students to educate others on the United States’ national debt and the economic and social effects it has on the populace. As of January 2015, the national debt is approximately $18.1 trillion.

People should vaccinate to stop spread of illness


America could not be a successful powerhouse if every worker called in sick because of a recent outbreak that could have been prevented with a simple shot.

There has been recent debate over mandatory vaccinations for children and whether they are necessary for public safety or an invasion of personal freedom. There are available exemptions for required vaccinations—if they compromise a person’s health or if they can provide proof that a certain immunization is against they religious views.