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Anxiety can be manageable

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

Facebook algorithms eliminate diversity, present flawed message

The powerful grip that Facebook now holds on society’s use of technology and social media has created a very unique system.

Many people not only use Facebook to learn about what their friends and family have been up to lately but also to obtain information about news, politics and anything else considered important or interesting. Therefore, people must question and understand the way Facebook is communicating information to its users.

Capping enrollment best plan for university

Texas State officials should address the problem of a growing student body and lack of resources by putting a cap on enrollment.

The fact of the matter is, Texas State is growing rapidly. It seems like every year for the past few years has seen the biggest recorded freshman class. Record enrollment is great, but at a certain point someone needs to be asking when enough is enough.

Disciplining children should not include spanking

Children need to be disciplined. They need to learn how to behave so they know how to act when put in future situations. However, spanking is not the way to discipline a child, especially in a public domain.

Spanking in public makes parents look bad because it seems as if they cannot discipline their without having to resort to physical contact. It shows a lack of control over their child and bad parenting skills. Parent should only have to sternly tell their children they need to behave, and if that does not work, they need to be better taught how to behave in public.

Spanking should be a part of disciplining children

There is no way I could raise a child. Children just annoy me to no end, and I cannot believe the horrible way so many kids behave nowadays.

At the risk of sounding like an old man, when I was young, kids just behaved better. I honestly believe that the reason kids act so bratty now is that they are not disciplined anymore. For some reason, disciplining a child is seen as a cruel act, but that simply is not the case.

Concealed carry should be allowed for educators

Public school teachers as well as university professors should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun, if they choose, in order to protect students from the possibility of danger, specifically a campus shooter.

Concealed handguns for educators may well be the best form of protection for students. The number of school shootings that have happened in the past few years is far too many.  While certain circumstances are uncontrollable, these tragedies possibly could have been prevented much more quickly if more educators were allowed to carry handguns for protection.

Leaking of celebrity nudes evidence of slut-shaming culture in US

The most common excuse used for the lack of sympathy shown to the women who have recently had nude pictures of themselves stolen by internet hackers has been that if people don’t want nude pictures of themselves leaked, they should not take them.

10 reasons to be excited about fall

  1. The weather will be much cooler. Instead of arriving to class drenched in sweat from hiking up all of the hills and stairs, the chill in the air will allow students to arrive to class with a light sheen instead. The hills will still be there, but the blazing sun will be a lot less blaze-y.
  2. The fall TV schedule is always really great. Everyone can escape the cold nights by sitting in front of the warm glow of their screens. There are plenty of options to choose from between Shonda Thursdays and all of the other shows returning or starting up.

Gender identity, expression not equivalent to sexuality

It is important for people to note the distinction between sexuality, gender identity and gender expression. Many people seem to conflate one’s sexuality with their potential gender identity and observed gender expression. However, these are three different things that are not contingent upon one another and should not be equated.

Victims must not be afraid to report domestic abuse

In light of recent controversies, it is important to have a conversation detailing domestic abuse and violence and how prevalent it is in many societies across the world.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Ravens’ cornerback Ray Rice can be seen attacking his then-fiancé, Janay Rice, knocking her unconscious and then proceeding to drag her out of the elevator. The Ravens and the NFL swiftly reprimanded and punished Rice after the release of the elevator video, which sparked a national conversation on and outcry against domestic violence and abuse.