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Summer living in San Marcos provides internship, social opportunities

If Texas State students do not already have vacation travel plans, they should live in San Marcos for the summer in order to expand their knowledge, gain experience and meet like-minded individuals.

Students should consider the independence of living away from home and what it can offer them this summer. Parents are the fun police and place limits on guests, curfews, chores and the use of students’ cars, phones and Internet at home. Of course visiting family is important, but it is rarely fun to spend several months at a time stuck with mom and dad.

The University Star’s dos and don’ts of river etiquette

Spring has sprung, and with it comes changes across our lush campus. Flowers bloom, animals come out to play and the dirtbags of San Marcos emerge from their Natty Light-fortified townhouse-caves to spread havoc (and Axe body spray) on our beloved river. To help reduce the number of tubing terrors, the Ed Board has compiled a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts for fun the sun this spring.

Gay men, lesbians both face consequences of patriarchal gender roles

The disparity in the treatment of male and female homosexual couples in inextricably linked to the patriarchal nature of our society—a truth that activists must recognize if they hope to ever enact change.

While the acceptance and visibility of LGBTQIA causes has increased in recent years, gender continues to play a significant role in the daily lives of same sex couples. According to a June 2013 Pew Research poll, about 25 percent of LGBTQIA adults said there was “a lot” of acceptance for lesbians in society while only 15 percent said the same about gay men.

Students should use recreation center to exercise, not fraternize

Although the Student Recreation Center can be a great place to meet people while working out, students should make sure their main focus when using the center’s facilities is fitness and not flirting.

The recreation center is a place for students to work out and get in shape—it is not intended to be a real-life eHarmony. The rec is not the place to scope out dating prospects or gossip. Students should only go to the gym when they want to actually work out.

Tiffany Young and Sean Quiñones for ASG president, vice president

The Associated Student Government is frequently criticized for its lack of visibility and historical inability to impact its constituents. The editorial board has been pointing this out for years, but it still came as a shock to hear nearly every candidate for student body president and vice president admit the issue exists at Thursday’s debate hosted by The University Star.

Performing arts deserve better student and university support

Students need to support their peers who are involved in the performing arts disciplines.

The performing arts are a difficult craft. Performers must spend hours upon hours in rehearsals perfecting every little detail and work very hard to make sure the finished product is entertaining. Texas State students who dedicate their time to the stage deserve support from other Bobcats. Just like athletes, performers need an audience to do their best work.

‘Gay best friend’ stereotype fueled by female ignorance

Straight females who are friends with gay males should be careful not to treat them as trendy accessories rather than human beings.

Many women think gay men make the best friends. The perception is that gay men have great style, enjoy shopping and dancing and can be impartial confidants who can remain uninfluenced by romantic aspirations. Unfortunately, this stereotype often leads to problematic interactions between straight females and their gay guy friends.

New marketing firm positive step toward increasing athletic visibility

Learfield Sports recently became Texas State’s new marketing representative and created a new initiative last week that will hopefully move the university one step closer to solving the quandary that is the visibility of the athletic department.

Students must prioritize mental health concerns

Taking care of one’s mental health is important and should not be neglected, even if that means turning to medication or therapy.

Depression can be a difficult disorder to pinpoint. After all, every person feels sad or depressed for no reason at some point. This is especially true for college students, who must endure the combined stresses of maintaining grades, a social life, finances and trying to decide what path in life to take career-wise. All of these stressors can culminate into some serious mental issues.

People of color underrepresented, “othered” in gay community

People of color are largely invisible within the LGBTQIA community and deserve better representation.

Like most things in the Western world, the media’s representation of the LGBTQIA community tends to be skewed in favor of whiteness. Although the gay community prides itself on being anti-discriminatory, the treatment of people of color within LGBTQIA circles says otherwise.