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Block scheduling bad idea for freshmen

Proposed block scheduling is a bad idea that seeks to coddle freshmen and restrict the opportunities and uniqueness of the college experience. This proposal should be not be adopted .

PACE officials are currently considering block scheduling for freshmen in order to increase freshman class attendance as well as ease them into the college experience. However, this block scheduling is a complete slap in the face to programs such as Freshman Orientation and Bobcat Preview.

Male birth control worth consideration

Male birth control should be considered by all because of the long-term protection and non-hormonal alternative it offers from female forms such as the pill.

A male birth control injection called Vasalgel is expected to be released by 2017. The injection would virtually block sperm from being transmitted altogether. According to a Sept. 18 Huffington Post Live interview, currently 19,000 men are waitlisted for the trial of this injection, showing how open men are to the idea of a new form of birth control.

Republicans' stance on Ted Cruz's United states citizenship hypocritical

Ted Cruz is the junior senator from Texas, the Tea Party poster child and possibly the next president.

To many people, including myself until recently, it might seem that the Constitution bans him from holding our nation’s highest office. The Constitution has several requirements to be eligible for president, including being a natural-born citizen. Senator Cruz was born in Canada, but seeing as his mother was a US citizen, he, too, was born a citizen of the US.

Financial aid application process unnecessarily complicated

Financial aid should be easier for students to obtain.

Millions of dollars are poured into student aid funds every year, but receiving just the right amount proves to be one of the most difficult tasks. After all, each student applying for aid is literally racing against thousands of other students who also need aid. If the application process were a bit simpler, receiving financial aid would be a lot less trouble.

Xenophobia poses problem among United States citizens

Xenophobia is present in everyday life, yet very few know what it is.

Xenophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of people from different cultures. This phobia is visible in multiple aspects of the everyday life as an American, particularly in the lives of people of color.

School linguistic identity causes cultural disconnect

Spanish used to be my first language.

My great-grandmother raised me on that language from when I was a newborn until I was about five years old. It was the closest connection I had to my culture. Then, I started school. Living in a border town, I did not expect to be scolded for speaking Spanish to my friends, but I was. From kindergarten to 12th grade speaking Spanish was not tolerated.

Disrespect, distraction unacceptable in classroom

As far as pet peeves go, generally rude behavior is pretty high on my list of things I despise. There are few things more frustrating than students with poor classroom etiquette.

Poor classroom etiquette can be a subjective term and mean several things. However, I think that most students can generally agree upon the various types of poor behavior. While some people have general ‘isms’ that can be viewed as frustrating, there are some behaviors that are just blatantly terrible, rude and disruptive.

American students lack respect for education

College students in America must have more respect for education and the educational process.

Americans as a whole have a perception that their nation is the best in the world, regardless of how true that may actually be. This overconfidence translates is evident in most of the things we do as a nation. According to a 2012 study performed by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States ranked higher than the worldwide average in students’ belief in their abilities and rate of skipped classes.

Independence vital in relationships

People in overly dependent relationships should consider cutting ties with emotionally draining significant others and rediscovering themselves as a single person.

Not all relationships are good relationships. The nature of feelings is that they make things very complicated, and relationships are no exception to this issue. It can be especially hard to see how relationships can be damaging while you are in one. Sometimes in relationships people get too wrapped up in being an “us” and lose themselves in the process.

Heteronormativity harmful, biased

Heteronormativity is a detrimental concept and bias that asserts that all people fall into distinct and complimentary genders—man and woman.

Many people wrongfully adhere to heteronormativity, which has historically been the impediment to gendered progress and feelings about sexuality. These falsely idealized institutions need to be questioned, indicted and convicted for their problematic manifestations.