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The Black Perspective: White Supremacy and Reverse Racism

Host Imani Mcgarrell, opinions editor, joins Brandon Sams, assistant opinions editor and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in a new edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss issues such as white supremacy and reverse racism in the black community.

The Black Perspective: Black Music, Womanism and Homophobia

Host Brandon Sams joins Imani McGarrell,opinions editor, and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in this edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss topics ranging from appropriations in black music, 'Womanism' and homophobia in the black community.

Students should get behind national debt campaign

Students should take the time to lend their support to Texas State’s Up To Us campaign team.

Up to Us is a national competition on university campuses sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative. The campaign seeks to empower students to educate others on the United States’ national debt and the economic and social effects it has on the populace. As of January 2015, the national debt is approximately $18.1 trillion.

People should vaccinate to stop spread of illness


America could not be a successful powerhouse if every worker called in sick because of a recent outbreak that could have been prevented with a simple shot.

There has been recent debate over mandatory vaccinations for children and whether they are necessary for public safety or an invasion of personal freedom. There are available exemptions for required vaccinations—if they compromise a person’s health or if they can provide proof that a certain immunization is against they religious views.

Communism will not come to United States

More and more youth are turning to communism as an answer to the problems they face here in capitalist America.

They feel as if capitalism has failed them and there is no way to get ahead in the current system. Therefore, communism might be the only way out.

E-cigarettes restrictions necessary to protect minors

Conventional cigarettes have all but gone up in smoke due to the electronic cigarette trend.  However, they are not a “healthy” alternative and should be kept away from minors.

Currently, there are no formal laws regulating the purchase of electronic cigarettes by minors. E-cigs, as they are affectionately called, may not be classified as traditional cigarettes, but they are still just as dangerous and unhealthy.

Stem cell research positive for humanity

Since the inception of stem cell research, controversy has unfortunately dominated much of the debate without properly considering the potential benefit it may bring to humanity.

A day in the life of The University Star

Nicole Barrios

Interim Editor-in-Chief


Talk It Out: The U.S. should aid Ukraine in Russian conflict

As Russia grows more unpredictable and reckless over invading Ukraine, the rest of the world waits for America to step up and take action.

The United States placed sanctions on Russia, but none of those seem to be taken seriously or to have done any good. Vladimir Putin, Russian president, has increased his pursuit of Ukraine.

Talk It Out: The United States should not provide Ukraine with arms

The United States should not send arms to Ukraine as an aid against Russia in the ongoing conflict spawning from the Crimean crisis in 2014.

It has been almost a year since the conflict for control over the Crimean Peninsula began. Russia has been the stronger force in the conflict, annexing Crimea away from Ukraine as well as deploying soldiers throughout other parts of Ukraine.