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Residential parking program positive step

Thanks to a new permit program, San Marcos residents will hopefully feel peace of mind when parking in front of their homes without students’ cars unfairly cluttering neighborhood streets.

Officials should renovate historic Old Main interior

Texas State officials need to begin renovating the interior of Old Main to complete the process of restoring a major university icon to its former glory.

Looks play important role in dating success

Students should accept that looks and personality traits are equally important in a match instead of trying to appear less shallow by denying the importance of attractiveness in a potential mate.

The dating game would become much easier if personality traits could automatically be known when sitting across from someone at a bar. Knowing someone is funny, sarcastic or smart just by looking at them would make finding a true match much easier, rather than having to guess what kind of a person they are during an initial chitchat.

Corporatism poses increasing threat to American democracy

Modern American democracy has been turned on its head, morphing from a capitalist system into a corporatist plutocracy run by the rich and big corporations.

Corporatism is defined as a society in which corporations exert political power over the government and the people within the bounds of its jurisdiction. A plutocracy is more simply defined as a government that is essentially run by a small group of the richest citizens.

Students, residents should make efforts to participate in MLK events

Texas State students and residents have a unique opportunity to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. thanks to a string of interactive events hosted by the university and city.

Students and residents should take time to attend these events and reflect on their historical and modern significance, especially in honor of King’s friendship and collaboration with the university’s most famous alumnus, President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Students can learn personal preferences through casual sex

Hooking up is a great way for college students to learn more about themselves and find self-confidence.

Catcalling ineffective, offensive way to get women’s attention

Guys need to learn that catcalling from a fellow friend’s car window is not an effective way to pick up girls.

Many women have at some point been walking down the street, minding their own business, and had something along the lines of “Big booty Judy!” shouted at them from a passing vehicle. It is ridiculous that the men in the car even felt the need to yell such a thing. It seems that simply being female and possessing a vagina is enough to inspire simple-minded men to yell such phrases.

Riding skateboards on campus inconsiderate of fellow Bobcats

Bobcats who get around campus via longboards or skateboards are a nuisance and put themselves and other students at risk, especially when skating in crowded areas such as The Quad.

Gay community at Texas State deserves space to express itself

The addition of a gay bar to the nightlife scene in San Marcos would finally give members of the LGBTQIA communities a safe and accommodating place to meet, mingle and feel comfortable.

Food stamp program helps students save, budget expenses

Food stamps are a good option for college students struggling to make ends meet.

With the cost of college-living expenses on the rise, students are taking on two or more jobs, donating blood and looking for other sources of income in order to make extra cash during their college career. In order to afford tuition, rent and food, many students are forced to balance work, school and play. For some students this may be too much to handle and many have to make sacrifices in order to maintain an acceptable standard of living.