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Lab class structure useless, burdensome

Lab classes need closer evaluation. Although they are meant to provide the student with hands-on experience, some of them are thrown together in such a way that it actually becomes a hindrance. Some lab classes are necessary but are not being taught in a way that both benefits the student and compliments the lecture portion of the class.

Breast cancer awareness always important

In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She went in for her annual mammogram, and her doctor suggested she should get additional testing. When she did, they found a small mass on her right breast. They performed a biopsy, and two weeks later it was confirmed she had breast cancer.

Dining halls should implement calorie-counting aids

Anyone who has ever been a college student will say that counting calories while going to school seems impossible.

College students don’t exactly have the best reputation for eating right. As a matter of fact, college students are notorious for the exact opposite. Eating unhealthy foods, such as ramen and pizza, have become stereotypical of college students’ daily life. Everyone knows of the struggle to eat right while having to pay tuition, if not through experience, then at least by hearing it through others.

Legitimate concerns of Gamergate marred by sexism

For months there has been a quarrelsome rift between gamers and gaming journalists. A stream of misogynistic and sexist attacks at the hands of self-identified gamers has marred this Internet civil war, popularly dubbed “Gamergate.”

The legitimate concerns of the gamers about journalistic integrity and ethics have been overshadowed by rampant sexism, including rape threats and misogyny wrapped in anti-feminism.

Students should remain in city post-grad

Texas State students should consider staying in San Marcos after graduation instead of leaving the city.

San Marcos is the place to be right now. For the past two years, San Marcos has been the fastest growing city in the nation, according to census information detailed in a May 22 AP news article. San Marcos is on the rise, and those who play their cards right will be on the rise along with it.

Take Caution

The strain of Ebola that has rocked West Africa in the recent months has a mortality rate of 70 percent and has now made its way into the United States, with patient zero currently hospitalized in Dallas.

Many people seem to be brushing this threat off, assured by promises from the government that it will not spread any further. Students need to recognize the gravity of this situation and take personal precautions to protect themselves.

Nothing to Worry About

In America, the Ebola crisis is not as severe as it seems, so everyone needs to calm down and stop acting as though the apocalypse has fallen upon the world. It has not.

Recently, a Liberian national came to Dallas, where it was revealed he was carrying the Ebola virus. While this was definitely a huge shock to some and sent fear into the heart of the nation, this is not something that needs to be looked at with extreme fear and paranoia.

Washington Redskins’ name offensive, must be changed

In this modern age, it is unacceptable for the Washington Redskins to keep using the term “redskins” as their brand name.

It makes absolutely zero sense for the Washington Redskins to not change their name. I understand that there is a storied history to the franchise, but there is also a storied history to the word “redskin” that is not one to be proud of. The name is extremely offensive to Native Americans, and I just do not get why owner Dan Snyder refuses to even consider changing the name.

Campaign sign placement need not be overly restricted

The proposed regulation on election signs at polling places is unnecessary and infringes on people’s First Amendment rights.

Hays County Commissioner Ray Whisenant proposed Sept. 25 that the number of signs posted by candidates at county polling places be limited during the upcoming campaign season, according to an Oct. 1 University Star article.

Categorizing gay men demoralizing, based solely on appearance

Twinks, Otters and Bears, oh my!

These are just a few of the categories that gay men get put into on a daily basis. For the most part, media covers the struggle that women go through on a daily basis making sure that they are up to society’s standards of “pretty.” What is not shown is the fact that men, specifically gay men, are put under the exact same pressure from the gay community.