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Student voter awareness important

Students should be aware of local, state and national politics and be active in the voting process.

It is the civic duty of the citizens of America to be active and participate in government proceedings. Being an informed voter is an important aspect of that responsibility. Citizens cannot hold their governments responsible for their behavior without being informed enough to know what’s going on.

Service industry workers are deserving of respect from campus community

Students should make efforts to treat service workers with respect, especially those that work on campus.

It is basic common courtesy to be nice to the people that complete the basic but necessary jobs in our society. Saying thank you to the person bagging your groceries or preparing food is a small step that can go a long way towards brightening someone’s day.

Administrators should cancel classes after Tuesday night football game

University officials should cancel classes next Wednesday after the Tuesday night football game against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns.

Because they have been pushing the game and doing such heavy promotion, it is clear that officials expect students to turn out for the game. However, many students are likely disenchanted with the notion because they know they will have class the next day. 

Students should remain in city post-grad

Texas State students should consider staying in San Marcos after graduation instead of leaving the city.

San Marcos is the place to be right now. For the past two years, San Marcos has been the fastest growing city in the nation, according to census information detailed in a May 22 AP news article. San Marcos is on the rise, and those who play their cards right will be on the rise along with it.

Campaign sign placement need not be overly restricted

The proposed regulation on election signs at polling places is unnecessary and infringes on people’s First Amendment rights.

Hays County Commissioner Ray Whisenant proposed Sept. 25 that the number of signs posted by candidates at county polling places be limited during the upcoming campaign season, according to an Oct. 1 University Star article.

Celebrities need to be let down from their pedestals

Celebrity idolization has reached an all-time high in today’s society and must be curbed.

The development of high-quality technology has led to celebrities being more accessible than ever. It can often seem like fans have access to intimate details of their favorite celebrities’ everyday lives right in their hands. However, although some celebrities have successfully branded themselves as being “authentic” on social media, zealous fans should remember that these are the same people that travel with glam teams and have professional cameras for their Instagram pictures.

Block scheduling bad idea for freshmen

Proposed block scheduling is a bad idea that seeks to coddle freshmen and restrict the opportunities and uniqueness of the college experience. This proposal should be not be adopted .

PACE officials are currently considering block scheduling for freshmen in order to increase freshman class attendance as well as ease them into the college experience. However, this block scheduling is a complete slap in the face to programs such as Freshman Orientation and Bobcat Preview.

American students lack respect for education

College students in America must have more respect for education and the educational process.

Americans as a whole have a perception that their nation is the best in the world, regardless of how true that may actually be. This overconfidence translates is evident in most of the things we do as a nation. According to a 2012 study performed by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States ranked higher than the worldwide average in students’ belief in their abilities and rate of skipped classes.

Independence vital in relationships

People in overly dependent relationships should consider cutting ties with emotionally draining significant others and rediscovering themselves as a single person.

Not all relationships are good relationships. The nature of feelings is that they make things very complicated, and relationships are no exception to this issue. It can be especially hard to see how relationships can be damaging while you are in one. Sometimes in relationships people get too wrapped up in being an “us” and lose themselves in the process.

Capping enrollment best plan for university

Texas State officials should address the problem of a growing student body and lack of resources by putting a cap on enrollment.

The fact of the matter is, Texas State is growing rapidly. It seems like every year for the past few years has seen the biggest recorded freshman class. Record enrollment is great, but at a certain point someone needs to be asking when enough is enough.


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