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Hays County must construct new jail facility

The Hays County Law Enforcement Center is bursting at the seams, and it is time local officials took action to ease the growing pains and build a much-needed new facility.

According to an April 2 University Star article, the Hays County Law Enforcement Center houses offenders from cities, unincorporated areas of the county and those detained by the University Police Department as it is the only jail in the county.

Chartwells should provide 24-hour dining hall options

Every college student has been there—you squint and blink at the textbook in front of you, trying desperately to focus. Perhaps filling the void in your stomach with orange chicken will help stave off the pangs of anxiety for your exam in the morning. As you trek across campus, the promise of Panda Express putting an extra spring in your step, your dream of a late-night meal at Jones Dining Hall comes crashing down when you glance at your watch—it’s 3 a.m. No dining halls are open.

Officials should create “drunk tanks,” decriminalize public intoxication

In light of the decriminalization of public intoxication in both San Antonio and Houston, San Marcos and Hays County officials would be wise to pass a similar type of resolution, allowing students and residents a “get out of jail” free card for drunken mishaps.

Academic funding must remain top priority

Though it is important for university officials to shine a light on athletics, academics are the driving force behind Texas State and deserve just as much, if not more, time, effort and financial attention from administrators.

Students must be aware of mental health issues, services

In light of the recent Fort Hood shooting, it is important for students to bolster their knowledge of mental health issues, make sure they are aware of the signs and symptoms in others and know what resources are available to them if needed.

New ASG administration must focus on worthwhile initiatives

University Star-endorsed candidates Tiffany Young and Sean Quiñones were named the student body president and vice president, respectively, last week. The editorial board believes they are poised to be the leaders who could finally put an end to complaints that the organization is ineffective and irrelevant.

Graduate assistant wage boost beneficial for students, university

The much-needed graduate assistant salary increase effective Sept. 1 will be a win-win situation for both students and the university.

According to an April 3 University Star article, graduate teaching, research and instructional assistants will receive a $2,000 raise for two semesters of work. This raise will not only benefit graduate assistants, some of whom currently have to work multiple jobs to supplement their meager incomes, but will also help the university with recruitment of its graduate programs.

The University Star’s dos and don’ts of river etiquette

Spring has sprung, and with it comes changes across our lush campus. Flowers bloom, animals come out to play and the dirtbags of San Marcos emerge from their Natty Light-fortified townhouse-caves to spread havoc (and Axe body spray) on our beloved river. To help reduce the number of tubing terrors, the Ed Board has compiled a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts for fun the sun this spring.

Tiffany Young and Sean Quiñones for ASG president, vice president

The Associated Student Government is frequently criticized for its lack of visibility and historical inability to impact its constituents. The editorial board has been pointing this out for years, but it still came as a shock to hear nearly every candidate for student body president and vice president admit the issue exists at Thursday’s debate hosted by The University Star.

New marketing firm positive step toward increasing athletic visibility

Learfield Sports recently became Texas State’s new marketing representative and created a new initiative last week that will hopefully move the university one step closer to solving the quandary that is the visibility of the athletic department.


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