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Year in Review- Texas State

Transportation- The university has made improvements in transportation over the past year. The updated bus system is a marked upgrade from that of previous years. The new contract the school has with Transdev has brought in new buses, drivers and route changes. Students passed a referendum in April 2013 that raised bus fees. Part of that raise helped sustain the new contract.

Year in Review- San Marcos

University Relations- The San Marcos community has improved its relationship with Bobcats living in the city. San Marcos High School’s football team has been using the university’s stadium for its games for years before getting its own space earlier this year; the relationship between the two schools is reminiscent of that of older and younger siblings. Another positive aspect of university relations in the city is that a large amount of Bobcats are deciding to stay in the city after graduation.

Tips for making the most out of Black Friday

The editorial board has concocted a few tips to aid students in their endeavors to maximize their luck on Black Friday.

Take Advantage of the Sales

Holiday season brings fun events, activities

With all of the recent cold weather, it finally feels like the holiday season is here to stay. The holiday season comes with many fun experiences to be had by even the grumpiest Grinch.


Specific updates needed for Alkek renovation

Alkek Library will undergo renovations in upcoming years to increase effective use of space and updated technology. According to a Nov. 12 University Star article, results from a feasibility study performed in 2012 are the main force behind the projected three waves of renovation. The editorial board wishes to see certain changes reflected in the updated structure.

Students must be wary of apartment gimmicks

With students beginning to sign leases for the 2015-2016 academic year, Bobcats must do research in preparation for living off-campus in order not to fall prey to gimmicks from apartment complexes.

There are over 150 apartment complexes in San Marcos. They come in varying shapes, prices and locations, but one thing that all of them have in common is that they’re trying to make money. To students, apartments are just a place to live, but these people have to make money off students any and every way that they can.

Residents must prioritize safety on Sessom

West Sessom Drive is a dangerous and perilous road that students need to be cautious on when driving or walking. Sessom is filled with narrow sidewalks, dimly lit streets, speeding cars and loops that could make Sonic the Hedgehog dizzy. Students and drivers need to take proper precautions when roving Sessom’s perilous streets.


Midterm election voter turnout pathetic

The results of the most recent midterm election show that America still has a long way to go towards increasing voter turnout and reducing voter apathy.

Popular late-night host John Oliver spoke about the midterm election on the Nov. 2 episode of his show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. According to Oliver, this Congress is on its way to being the least productive in history. Oliver also said that campaign efforts for this election totaled roughly $4 billion.

Students must not wait until last minute to join organizations

Students should take advantage of the opportunities offered at Texas State early in order to avoid joining organizations last-minute and trying to quickly climb the ranks.

There are 337 organizations registered with the Student Organizations Council. The clubs range from academic to special-interest and encompass everything from the American Choral Directors Association to the Construction Student Association.

Poor security, unsafe behavior to blame for recent criminal activity

In recent weeks, there has been a slew of criminal activity surrounding campus.

In the wee hours of the morning on Oct 25, a suspicious man walked into Tower Hall and made terroristic threats. The suspicious man entered the hall by following a student in after they swiped into the card-locked doors.

This incident struck fear in the hearts of Bobcats everywhere. Many on-campus students expressed feeling unsafe. This is the perfect catalyst for the university to finally address security around campus and implement procedures to address these problems.


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