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More public institutions should take after UT statue removal decision

In the wake of recent tragedies, the University of Texas is doing away with Confederate commemorative statues, figures and symbols and all other public grounds need to follow suit.

On August 13 University of Texas at Austin officials announced that they would be removing the statue of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, foolishly located in the middle of campus for everyone to bear witness.

Weather disasters influence media coverage

It is the job of the media to cover the goings on of the community they serve, and as a media outlet our job will always been to comfort the afflicted.

When the flood hit central Texas in thousands of people’s homes and livelihoods were destroyed before their eyes and were left homeless and hopeless. As a community everyone banded together and decided to adhere to their civic duty as Texan and while there is still a long way to go before things are back to normal, the comradery and philanthropy should be noted. 

Target gender neutrality good move

Welcome to Texas State!

Welcome to Texas State, Bobcats! We know the hills can be intimidating and the construction confusing, so we made this handy map to help you navigate campus. The first day of school can be a stressful experience so having a game plan for where you’re going should help allieviate the stress. Strap on your most comfortable pair of shoes and tackle today head on. Eat ‘em up, cats!

Back to school: how-to's for a great fall semester

1. Be conscious of your environment.

San Marcos, like most of Texas is a very humid place. While summer may officially end in August, the heat does not dissipate until October. Wearing sensible, weather-specific clothing will go a long way, especially on those unbearable days where the heat can knock out even the toughest of summer-lovers. Bringing water is important to keep students from fainting on the overabundance of stairs due to exhaustion.


2. Utilize campus resources.

San Marcos should adopt "Don't Block the Box" initiative

The “Don’t Block the Box” initiative gaining traction in Austin should be implemented in San Marcos.

It is easy to do and would make a difference regarding San Marcos’ ever increasing population.

On March 27 city officials in Austin unveiled their plan to reduce traffic congestion and jams with their “Don’t Block the Box” initiative. A car ‘blocks the box’ by obstructing an intersection and preventing people from crossing. While it is illegal in Texas, enforcement has been lax at best until now.

Good riddance Confederate flag, we hardly knew you

After the racist terrorist attack on the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church that left nine innocent civilians dead, the debate over the legitimacy of the Confederate flag begun anew.

Care of San Marcos River should be added to curriculum

While the San Marcos River is heralded as a place for fun and a little R&R for Bobcats after a stressful week, the river is so much more than a place for debauchery and cruising.

Bobcats need a course in River 101 to know its exact importance. It is not just a mere suggestion that students, the primary benefactors of the river’s recreation, seek to keep it clean and protected.

Blue Bell will undoubtedly make comeback despite setbacks

The South’s favorite ice cream distributor, Blue Bell Creameries, recently got themselves into a world of trouble after an outbreak of the potentially deadly listeria organism cost the lives of three consumers and left seven in the hospital.

Students must assist community post Memorial Day weekend flooding

Hell has come to Hays County in the form of the leading cause of weather-related deaths, and we are all reeling in the aftermath.

The historic Memorial Day weekend flash floods that devastated Hays County have captivated the media and even drew the attention of the president himself. On May 30, President Barack Obama declared the state of Texas a disaster area due to the Memorial Day weekend floods that shattered the community and left calamity in their wake.


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