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Government-funded community college creates opportunities for students

The Obama administration’s new plan to pass legislation providing two years of free community college will open a whole new world of opportunity for prospective students.

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, 36 percent of community college students in 2014 were in the first generation of their families to pursue postsecondary education.  Government-funded tuition for the first two years of community college will go a long way toward alleviating some stress students are already under.

Community investment more important than new student apartments

Apartment complexes in San Marcos are not being handled in proper, satisfactory ways. The rift between the community and the student body continues to grow due to the lack of resources for actual San Martians.

Testing and grading methods do not reflect real-world expectations

Educational methods for testing students’ content recall are increasingly leaning toward regurgitation of information instead of retention.

The days of SATs and TAKS tests are quickly fading into the distance for most college students. The same cannot be said for the stressful and robotic formulation of standardized testing. Most students have experienced the exhausting cycle of vigorously studying the night before a test only to forget most of the information once the exam is over.

10 tips for a successful semester

Coming back to school after a long winter break is often the hardest time to get reenergized.

Getting revitalized for school after crawling out of the dredges of a long break can be difficult for students. The comfort of daytime napping and Netflix binging is hard to shake off when it comes time to buckle down for school again. Thankfully, the editorial board has complied a list of 10 tips students can use to have a successful semester.

1. Finish what you start.

San Marcos must step up, implement bag ban

In 2014, California became the first state in the nation to propose and pass a statewide ban on the distribution of plastic bags.

Today, countless cities around the nation have enacted their own ordinances, and San Marcos should do the same. The cost-benefit analysis for the environment and the economy is too great to ignore.

Free expression important following Charlie Hebdo attack

The Jan. 7 attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has sparked an international discussion on a component just as pivotal to journalism as human lives—free speech.

Year in Review- Texas State

Transportation- The university has made improvements in transportation over the past year. The updated bus system is a marked upgrade from that of previous years. The new contract the school has with Transdev has brought in new buses, drivers and route changes. Students passed a referendum in April 2013 that raised bus fees. Part of that raise helped sustain the new contract.

Year in Review- San Marcos

University Relations- The San Marcos community has improved its relationship with Bobcats living in the city. San Marcos High School’s football team has been using the university’s stadium for its games for years before getting its own space earlier this year; the relationship between the two schools is reminiscent of that of older and younger siblings. Another positive aspect of university relations in the city is that a large amount of Bobcats are deciding to stay in the city after graduation.

Tips for making the most out of Black Friday

The editorial board has concocted a few tips to aid students in their endeavors to maximize their luck on Black Friday.

Take Advantage of the Sales

Holiday season brings fun events, activities

With all of the recent cold weather, it finally feels like the holiday season is here to stay. The holiday season comes with many fun experiences to be had by even the grumpiest Grinch.



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