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10 reasons to be excited about fall

1. The weather will be much cooler. Instead of arriving to class drenched in sweat from hiking up all of the hills and stairs, the chill in the air will allow students to arrive to class with a light sheen instead. The hills will still be there, but the blazing sun will be a lot less blaze-y.

Victims must not be afraid to report domestic abuse

!n light of recent controversies, it is important to have a conversation detailing domestic abuse and violence and how prevalent it is in many societies across the world.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Ravens’ cornerback Ray Rice can be seen attacking his then-fiancé, Janay Rice, knocking her unconscious and then proceeding to drag her out of the elevator. The Ravens and the NFL swiftly reprimanded and punished Rice after the release of the elevator video, which sparked a national conversation on and outcry against domestic violence and abuse.

Celebrity nude photo leak theft, invasion of privacy

The recent leaking of nude pictures of celebrities is an act of theft and an invasion of privacy.

People should be wary of taking nude pictures and sending them to anyone. With all of the technology available today, nothing is ever really safe. That being said, everyone, famous or not, should have the basic right of privacy. Taking something as personal as a nude picture and broadcasting it across the web for all to see is harassment.

10 reason that you should go to the Navy game

1. You only get the college experience once. Some things are cliché for a reason. Packing the stands at a football game with friends and fellow students is a unique experience that everyone should experience at least once in their college career.

2. There is plenty of room for everyone to get a good seat. Attendance at the first game was 17,813, and the stadium can comfortably seat 30,000 people. The fact that it is a home game should help encourage everyone to come since it is within walking distance or a 10-minute bus ride for many people.

City should ban use of devices while biking, driving

San Marcos should ban the use of electronic devices while biking or driving.

According to an Aug. 28 Austin American-Statesman article, Austin recently banned usage of handheld devices while biking and driving. The Austin City Council approved a law that will ban all forms of handheld devices within city limits.

The ban includes, but is not limited to, navigation devices, digital music players and other portable electronic devices. Motorists and bicyclists will be permitted to use cellphones while at complete stops.

Schools must increase full major requirements

Individual schools within Texas State should tighten their criteria for achieving full major status.

Students need to be prepared for the idea that getting into college does not always equate to getting into a major. All of the major programs should have higher requirements for students to fulfill to get into them. Implementing a change like this will encourage students to actively acquire the basic skills needed for their majors.

New night parking regulations needed

Texas State Parking Services should institute a “night-only” parking pass for the number of off-campus commuter students who have reasons to be on campus late at night.

There are many reasons that people come to campus at night, for reasons that range from working late at their jobs to a last-minute study session at the library to a late-night craving for cardio and lifting. These kinds of off-campus commuters need “night-only” parking passes so as to not get ticketed or wander too far from the available parking through the tumultuous hills better known as main campus.

San Marcos bars should implement ‘sober hour’

Bars and clubs in San Marcos should stay open until 3 a.m. in order to allow patrons to sober up and use the restroom in a safe and controlled environment instead of throwing them out onto the streets at 2 a.m.

Public urination and intoxication are two of the most common arrests in Hays County. Keeping these establishments open an hour later would go a long way towards reducing the number of alcohol-related arrests and allowing police officers to spend more time tackling more serious offenses.

First City Pride parade must be supported

On Sep. 5-7, San Marcos will host its first Pride. Pride is an important event for the LGBTQIA community and its supporters to gather in celebration of being who you are without discrimination.

Having an event like this is huge for San Marcos. Even though San Marcos is near some of the more progressive areas of Texas, the fact remains that it is still Texas, a Republican state. Pride is an important event for the LGBTQIA community and has quickly become one of, if not the, most well-known celebrations within it.

How to cope without Speck

The Speck Surface parking lot has been closed in order to make way for construction of a new residence hall. Although the closure of this lot presents new problems for the already-problematic parking situation on campus, there are many alternative solutions available to commuters.


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