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Hays County must construct new jail facility

The Hays County Law Enforcement Center is bursting at the seams, and it is time local officials took action to ease the growing pains and build a much-needed new facility.

According to an April 2 University Star article, the Hays County Law Enforcement Center houses offenders from cities, unincorporated areas of the county and those detained by the University Police Department as it is the only jail in the county.

Privatization of prison industry immoral, exploits American justice system

The privatization of the prison industry has crippled the American justice system and created an incentive for mass and improper incarceration.

Negative connotations of ‘bossy’ detrimental to female confidence

The word “bossy” feeds into the gender stratification that places leadership roles with men and gives negative connotations to any female who breaks away from submissive roles.

“Ban Bossy” is a campaign created by Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg and the Girl Scouts organization. The campaign is all about extinguishing the word “bossy” and promoting leadership among young girls.

Weightlifting more beneficial for women than cardio, yoga

Women who are interested in fitness should stay open-minded to weight training as a way of exercise.

Chartwells should provide 24-hour dining hall options

Every college student has been there—you squint and blink at the textbook in front of you, trying desperately to focus. Perhaps filling the void in your stomach with orange chicken will help stave off the pangs of anxiety for your exam in the morning. As you trek across campus, the promise of Panda Express putting an extra spring in your step, your dream of a late-night meal at Jones Dining Hall comes crashing down when you glance at your watch—it’s 3 a.m. No dining halls are open.

Friends with benefits relationships can be positive for students

Having a friend with benefits is a positive experience for college students—the relationship provides support, stability and sexual gratification without requiring too much commitment.

According to a 2009 article titled “Negotiating a Friends with Benefits Relationship,” approximately 60 percent of young men and women represented had experienced such a relationship. This same study states that friends with benefits have just as many problems to navigate as a formal relationship. I disagree.

On-campus housing restrictions often unreasonable, severe

The current on-campus housing regulations are too severe and should be relaxed to match those at other schools.

As someone who is living in on-campus housing, I recognize the many pros to living in a place where someone cleans my bathroom, and I do not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on my way to class. However, there are some things that come with living on-campus I do not agree with, such as the many regulations concerning appliances and animals.

Gay couples must not conform to traditional relationship standards

Those within the gay community should not strive to achieve an ideal that has been created by and for straight people—instead, LGBTQIA individuals should craft a unique view for their future.

There has always been this idea of the “perfect couple.” This idea of a relationship has been around for years. Everyone wants that fairy tale, American dream relationship. Unfortunately, the picture is a little different for those who are part of the LGBTQIA community. There will always be something different—and that is the way it should be.

Officials should create “drunk tanks,” decriminalize public intoxication

In light of the decriminalization of public intoxication in both San Antonio and Houston, San Marcos and Hays County officials would be wise to pass a similar type of resolution, allowing students and residents a “get out of jail” free card for drunken mishaps.

Leasing at recently constructed apartment complexes poses risks

Students need to be cautious of recently constructed apartment complexes when deciding where to sign a lease.

Apartment searching can be as daunting as trying to find One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. Students have to ask themselves multiple questions to whittle down the vast selection of apartments in San Marcos. How close do they want to be to campus? Do they want to live in a complex that is pet-friendly? Of course, the most important question to ask when searching for an apartment is, what is the price range?