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Tips for making the most out of Black Friday

The editorial board has concocted a few tips to aid students in their endeavors to maximize their luck on Black Friday.

Take Advantage of the Sales

Convicted felons deserve the right to vote

It is inhumane to take away one of the core tenets of a democracy—voting.

No matter the offense, suffrage should never be infringed upon. Laws preventing or restricting convicted felons from voting are unbalanced, unfair and, frankly, unjust.

While Texas is not the best when it comes to these things, it isn’t one of the worst either. In Texas, after serving a term of incarceration, parole, supervision and probation, felons can register to vote once again. For once, Texas is not moving backwards or sliding towards its long-held conservative tenets.

‘Black Thursday’ threatens Thanksgiving tradition

The time of year formally known as Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, football and family. Or at least that is how it should be.

In recent years, the meaning of Thanksgiving has become misconstrued by the capitalist agenda. Thanksgiving no longer feels like the day-long celebration of family and giving thanks but is instead just another excuse for businesses to make more money.

Students must take responsibility about STIs, protection

College students should be educated about STIs and get tested regularly in order to protect themselves and others.

Most college students are aware that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) exist, but many are undereducated about how they are spread and the basic facts about the infections themselves as well as the importance of knowing their own status.

About one in every four college students has an STI, though many are unaware that they are infected, said Julie Eckert, assistant director of Health Promotion Services. 

Prisons should emphasize education over recreation

Prison is one of the most severe punishments a citizen can receive for committing a crime. Anything from murder to online scamming can earn someone a place behind bars if judges and jurors deem it heinous enough. 

Society perpetuates a fear-mongering system that tells citizens they should act as a well-behaved member of society or else face the consequence of having to spend time in prison. Prison is not somewhere most people would want to end up, but with some of the amenities and luxuries offered to inmates by many prisons, it can seem like less of a scary place to be.

Holiday season brings fun events, activities

With all of the recent cold weather, it finally feels like the holiday season is here to stay. The holiday season comes with many fun experiences to be had by even the grumpiest Grinch.


Body image problems won’t be solved by making cartoon characters ‘realistic’

Media has taken retouching photos to ridiculous new heights.

It is blatantly obvious that most of the images in the media have been touched up in Photoshop once or twice. Since the use of Photoshop has become more apparent, people are fighting back with their own alterations and giving everything realistic proportions.

Taylor Swift’s Spotify decision egotistical, motivated by greed

Taylor Swift just created a lot more haters who are going to hate, hate, hate.

Swift recently sent shockwaves throughout the music world by deciding to take all of her music off the streaming service Spotify, the reason for this business decision being that she claims Spotify does not properly compensate the artists who allow their music to be on the service.

Breast cancer foundations sexualize deadly disease

It is absolutely disgusting that people feel the need to resort to sexualizing a dangerous disease in order to raise awareness of it.

“Save the Tatas,” “I love boobies!” and “save second base” are all sayings people have grown accustomed to hearing during the month of October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Legal marijuana businesses unfairly penalized by federal regulations

Marijuana legalization is growing fast, and the industry is blooming. The only thing that is not progressing with it, and is still seen as the biggest and most unfair issue for the industry, is marijuana banking.

These so called cannabusinesses are dealing with a huge monetary headache their product is creating. These new businesses have trouble finding suitable banks to take in their revenue. Most of these businesses have to deal only in cash because banks refuse to deposit their money.