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State-mandated course evaluations must be made more accessible online

Every year students fill out a course and professor evaluation, giving critiques and reviews over the class and the instructors. However, not many students know where exactly to find these mandatory reviews. Therefore, Texas State University needs to do a better job of promoting and informing students of these potentially helpful evaluations.  

Students must be more aware of Internet privacy

Many people know at least a little about how large internet entities invade privacy, but people need to be aware of the extent of this invasion and decide where they draw the line.

The extent to which individuals’ privacy is invaded is greatly under-stressed within the public eye. Websites and smartphone apps invade just about every ounce of privacy one can have, and many are completely unaware of what is even happening.

Government spying unacceptable, threatens American liberty

The government has been infringing on privacy rights for the past 100 years, and the past 13 have only gotten worse.

The post 9/11 terrorist frenzy has driven most American citizens into a mass hysteria of fear. This notion that America is a hunting ground for terrorists has been growing since that sunny day in the fall of 2001. Granted, what happened in New York was devastating to a high degree, but the mentality of Americans today is completely lopsided.

Athletes overpaid, need to learn financial responsibility

The topic of athletes’ salaries in professional sports has always been a newsworthy, interesting topic in the world of sports journalism. The salaries earned with most other careers aren’t anything to think twice about for most people. Due to the star-like appeal of athletes and the massive paycheck earned by many of them, these people have virtually no privacy in the exact amount of compensation they receive.

University should allow meal plan rollover

At the beginning of the school year, many upperclassmen begin the hunt for underclassmen with swipes. By the end of the year, those roles are reversed and it is the underclassmen that are often desperate to rid themselves of extra swipes.

The meal swipes section of university meal plans do not rollover from any part of the year except from fall to spring. Commuter plans do not rollover and neither do dining dollars. Additionally, students have to have a meal plan for spring for their fall meal swipes to rollover.

Vatican must acknowledge, not avoid, homosexuality

In a landmark move Saturday, the Vatican removed language “welcoming gay Catholics” and “avoiding language or behavior that could discriminate against divorced Catholics” from the original Synod report.

This move by the Vatican further reveals undertones of hypocrisy where topics of divorce in religion are danced around or not talked about while topics of homosexuality are rejected or receive negative thoughts or comments, even though both are viewed as “sins” in the Bible.

Confederate flag unacceptable as pride symbol

The flag of the Confederate States of America is a racist symbol and should be regarded in the same way as the Nazi flag of the Third Reich.    

Today’s South is very different from its old Confederate counterpart. Slavery is now abolished, and racism is no longer in the law books. Unfortunately, many parts of the country, including the South, are still very racist.

#FirstWorldProblems insensitive toward disadvantaged people

The running joke “First World Problems” has created a greater sense of entitlement among American citizens.

Before you begin a #NotAllAmericans hashtag, let me just say that I am not referring to all Americans but rather to those who are well-accustomed to the ever-present #FirstWorldProblems tag. I cannot even say that I am just referring to American youth. I have seen far too many adults stooping down to the same level as many children and young adults carelessly and insensitively using the hashtag.

Nudity, public breastfeeding basic rights of women

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be. These two phrases have many questioning their validity today. Sometimes people wonder how far “free” really goes.

The past 100 years have seen major improvements in women’s rights, and there has been a significant rise on the amount of freedom they have. In six years it will be the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Feminism unrightfully given bad reputation, negative connotation

Man-hater, extremist and sexist are all terms inaccurately associated with the word feminist.

Often, when a woman describes herself as a feminist to her peers she is met with scorn and disgust. Men mock her and call her names, while many women look at her like she is crazy. Often times in both scenarios she will receive questions about why she hates men or what man hurt her to make her this way.