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Blackface offensive, perpetuates racist stereotypes

Please leave the blackface at home. It is disrespectful, rude, insensitive and, quite frankly, racist.

Halloween is right around the corner, which means girls get to wear something sheer and slutty and boys get to dress up as complete douches. Evidently, however, Halloween also means it is time for white people everywhere to put on their very best blackface.

‘Bystander effect’ pure laziness, makes dangerous situations worse

Recently, I fainted while driving, which does not bode well for driving a moving vehicle. I woke up very disoriented and confused. I had no idea where I was and could not recognize anything around me despite the fact that I have lived in San Marcos going on three years.

My windshield wipers were on, my glasses fell off my face, I was leaning on the steering wheel, and my knees were bruised and a bit bloody. I immediately opened my door and vomited profusely. I was sweaty and shaking and reclined my seat in my car to lie down and make an attempt to get myself together.

Stereotypes faced by fashionable men unfair

Fashion has entered a new era of improvement in the 21st century, but the masculinity problem has seemed to hit a plateau.

When a man walks down the street nowadays, it is expected that he is rugged, built and has on decent-looking clothes. Unless that man is somewhat feminine, he is not expected to be top-notch. This assumption isn’t the same for women, who are always expected to look nearly perfect all day every day.

Bobcats should not let the ‘midterm slump’ get the best of them

It is that time of year again; the time of year that most college students anticipate with weariness. Yes, it is the midterm season. Classes are winding down, tests are all over the place, the weather is literally cooling down and students are starting to get a pretty good idea of what their grades will be like at the end of the semester. However, students should not let this midterm slump negatively affect them in their educational endeavors.

Violence the problem, not nudity and cursing

Show me all the deaths, fights and violence in the world as long as there is no sex or cursing.

This is the model that modern entertainment has taken. One night browsing primetime TV is all it takes to witness the sheer volume of violence on TV. It is not limited to just late-night TV either. Many daily afternoon shows and children’s cartoons have some sort of violence in them.

Students should use free elective hours to explore new fields

Students should make a conscious effort to expand their horizons by exploring other interests beyond their majors and minors.

Despite the vast number of interests represented through organizations and classes offered at Texas State, many students fall into the trap of using their open electives and free time to get more involved in their majors.

The Grammys don’t dictate music quality

Music can mean different things to different people.

For some, it means just casually listening to a favorite song of theirs on the radio as they drive. For others, such as professional musicians and collegiate music majors, it can mean a complex socio-political art form that encompasses their entire academic foundation and passion for life.

Students must be aware of sensationalism in politics

During the current midterm elections, Bobcats should take care to find as much unbiased information about the candidates running as possible.

Around election season there is a lot of sensationalism in the media. The campaigns for politicians run highly biased and skewed advertisements in hopes of bringing more votes to their side of the cause. This tactic can be effective but also highlights a flaw in media coverage and political elections.

Some issues still important even when not trending

Kony 2012, the Trayvon Martin case, the missiles flying between Palestine and Israel, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Ferguson are just a few of the major events that have blown up in the media over the last couple of years.