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Things to do in San Marcos before graduation

Visit the campus statues

The various statues on campus are entrenched in Bobcat tradition and culture. Before students take their final steps on campus, they should make sure to shake LBJ’s hand and rub the fighting stallions one last time.


Hike at Purgatory Creek

Death penalty not acceptable form of justice

The acts of terrorism known as the Boston marathon bombings took place on April 15, 2013.

Much pain and anger is still felt by those who lost loved ones and possessions to the bombings, even two years later.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of 30 charges, including murder, in the first phase of his trial. The second phase, which will determine if he receives the death penalty, started on April 21. During this trial, some of the victims and their families demanded his death.

Rent guarantors unnecessary, stressful for students

Today is the day. They’ve spent all morning rehearsing their speeches, mulling over the countless, inevitable questions. Have they missed anything? They know their efforts are futile, but they have to try. They pause. A sense of overwhelming disappointment consumes them. Today is the day they are going to beg their parents to be their guarantors…again. Silently, they pick up the rental agreement forms and reluctantly close the door.

Government involvement crucial for students

The time is now for students and young people to take back their future and make their voices heard.

Texas students have visited the state capitol to share their opinions on key issues such as immigration, concealed carry laws and healthcare districts in disadvantaged counties. Students got involved by going to Senate and House sessions and testifying on bill hearings and proposals.

Bruce Jenner ‘trans’cends barriers, aims to inspire others

Bravo to Bruce Jenner for knocking down barriers and transcending expectations by finally being true to who he is after 65 years of living in an internal hell.

Parking permit system costly, dangerous for university students

Potential college students have many things to factor into their decision, including possible financial aid and the cost of tuition.

College students are often perceived as eating ramen noodles with a broken fork for dinner night after night. They try to save money every way they can, like, for example, by taking the Bobcat Shuttle instead of driving.

The university Parking Services department should create a cheaper parking option for students. The department should also extend the hours the permit provides.

Senate bill positive measure for river, university

In December 2014, a Texas senator introduced a bill to the Senate proposing the creation of water preservation districts to improve the safety and cleanliness of the San Marcos River.

Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) filed Senate Bill 234 on Dec. 9, 2014. The bill requires all counties that share a border with the San Marcos River to create a park and recreation district to “create an offense and provide penalties” for infractions committed in the area. The Water Oriented Recreation Districts (W.O.R.D.) will allow for the collection of fees including tolls.

Texas State should institute designated areas for smokers

Smoking cigarettes is deadly, and secondhand smoke is almost as bad.

It may seem that campus smoking bans are the answer. However, taking something away from people only makes them want it more.

Many students have walked out of a building only to be greeted with a wave of terrible-smelling smoke. Granted, it’s not at every entrance, but it’s still a harsh surprise whenever that scent wafts into your nose.

Proper nutrition leads to long, happy life in pets

Pet foods stuffed with grains and poor-quality ingredients are killing animals through malnourishment, diabetes and even cancer.

It is very important to know what to feed a pet. Unfortunately, not all pet owners understand proper nutrition when it comes to their lovable companions. This ignorance is not solely the fault of the owners, however. Many pet owners have the best intentions for their animals but are forced to buy lower-priced foods due to their minimal budgets.

State senator makes harmful HIV/AIDS budget appropriations

The Texas House of Representatives recently passed a budget cutting funding for HIV/AIDS prevention programs.

According to a March 31 Texas Observer article, Texas has the third-highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the country. This disease is a big problem for the state.