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11 things I would tell my freshman self

1. Take advantage of living on campus while you can. Having an apartment is great, but it is so easy to stay on top of studying, going to class and being active in organizations when everything happens within a mile radius of where you live. It's a lot harder to do all of that when you have to ride in an overflowing bus or buy a parking pass to get to campus.

NFL's lenient punishment of Ray Rice alienates female fans

The punishment the NFL has given Ray Rice is far too lenient and sends a bad public relations message.

On February 15, 2014, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulted his then-fianc鬬 (now wife) at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Although Ray Rice was indicted in March, he was able to avoid jail time due to being a first-time offender.

Net Neutrality important, must always be protected

Network neutrality keeps the Internet free and open to everyone. If this changes and the Internet goes corporate, then what is seen on the Internet and the connections to it are at stake.

Student PDA on campus inappropriate, unnecessary

When in public, displaying affection for a significant other should be kept to a bare minimum out of respect for passersby.

As a single person, watching two people make out on my way to class is not the way that I want to start my day. Affection should be expressed but should be kept to a minimum to avoid upsetting the stomachs of fellow students.

San Marcos Nature Guide

There are many places in San Marcos for nature lovers to explore interests in camping, hiking, bird watching and river activities.

Policing language problematic in LGBTQIA community

Policing language and appropriating, or in some cases misappropriating, terms can often fall into a grey area as they can be deemed despicable by one and a badge of honor by another.

In recent weeks the discussion of language policing has been a topic of debate. Drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul’s usage of the words “tranny” and “she-male” in his hit television series “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has caused many in the transgender community to advocate for the censoring of the terms as they are said by non-transgender people.

Campus ticketing system flawed, under regulated

Parking Services should not have the power to place holds on student accounts.

Many students choose to put off paying their parking tickets due to the high price of each offense. If a student fails to pay the standard $40 parking violation ticket, after 10 days the fee with be increased to $55. If the ticket still is not paid, a hold will be placed on their account and the student will not be able to register, drop classes or graduate.

Honors College offers great benefits


Texas State students should strive to become a part of the Honors College and take advantage of the benefits associated with it.

The Honors College is a great opportunity for those who have the discipline to apply themselves and maintain the GPA required to get accepted and stay in. Many students may be hesitant to even apply for the Honors College because there is an assumption that it is highly selective. However, although it is not a free-for-all, any student who has the initiative has a good chance at being accepted and thriving in the Honors College.

Marijuana decriminalization would be beneficial to all

The decriminalization of marijuana is actually more beneficial to taxpayers, citizens and the government than some may think.

Twitter’s #YesAllWomen represents significant trend in feminist movement

The feminist movement in general gets skewed a lot of different ways, but the #yesallwomen movement on Twitter after the UCSB shooting is an important event of which to take note.