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Houston deserves a H.E.R.O.

The city of Houston’s H.E.R.O.may have just met its kryptonite—Texas-brand conservatism.

H.E.R.O. is an acronym that stands for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. This ordinance was passed by the Houston City Council and will make discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity illegal in the city.

Donald Trump is a national embarassment, shame to presidential bid

Donald Trump is a disgrace to American ideals and should be lambasted not only for his arrogance and anti-intellectualism, but for his reliance on bigotry and fear to perpetuate his political ideas.

Another campaign season has begun with a field of new candidates who hope to become a household name, while the returning candidates try again to capture America’s attention. The current Republican front-runner for the 2016 presidency, Donald Trump, has dominated the news for reasons having nothing to do with actual politics.

Local Amazon warehouse equals disaster

Amazon is a multinational corporation setting up a warehouse in the Hill Country. While this is a great business move, it is only a matter of time before the area is unfortunately transformed from a charming nature spot to just another Texas tech hub.

Amazon will be building an 855,000-square foot warehouse in San Marcos after receiving a tax incentive from the city of San Marcos. The warehouse will start construction on McCarty Lane this December and is expected to be finished January 2017.

Movie theater security rightfully amped due to recent tragedies

Movie theaters are now another unfortunate place that Americans can no longer feel safe in.

People have taken for granted being able to buy a ticket, grab an extremely overpriced snack from concessions and catch a movie. It is now evident that times have changed.

Students benefit from graduating early

Getting ahead in life is the purpose of college and the reason Bobcats are here in the first place. Graduating early provides an even greater upper hand for those students bent on setting themselves apart from the fray of college kids entering the work force.

Graduating early is a great way to save money and jumpstart the job application process. Bobcats can save on rent and parking fees by graduating early.

Hilary Clinton's proposed college plan a positive for future students

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, then it is free college for everyone. Cue party sounds—no, but seriously, it would be a much better environment than what currently exists.

On Aug. 10, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled the New College Compact. The “costs won’t be a barrier” plan touts debt-free tuition for all American students seeking higher education and seeks to reduce the burden for those who have already attended school.

More public institutions should take after UT statue removal decision

In the wake of recent tragedies, the University of Texas is doing away with Confederate commemorative statues, figures and symbols and all other public grounds need to follow suit.

On August 13 University of Texas at Austin officials announced that they would be removing the statue of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, foolishly located in the middle of campus for everyone to bear witness.

Texas State construction completion date-never

Home of the Bobcats? More like home of the endless construction.

Texas State has been inundated with seemingly endless construction since I got here, and I have frankly had enough.

So, I was standing in line at Blimpie’s the other day when I struck up a conversation with a stranger about construction. Said stranger mentioned they had been studying abroad for a year in Japan and expected construction to be done by their return. We simultaneously rolled our eyes and had a good laugh while nearby people glanced around, bewildered.

Students should utilize counseling center to ensure success

A transcript tells a story. Scanning through the years, a transcrpit reveals the hardships faced by students.

A straight-A honors student might experience a single semester ridden with cringe-worthy Fs. An average student might withdraw from all of his or her classes for an entire year. Similar, drastic inconsistencies are often common when evaluating student records.

Opt out movement calls for dissolution of state testing

It’s almost tradition that tests become every student’s nightmare.

There has been a lot of noise in New York City over United Opt Out, a movement trying to bring about the end of all mandatory state tests.

The movement wants to liberate the students from what they consider to be incompetent teaching.

Most of the union is made up of unsatisfied parents who argue that their children don’t learn enough material in the classroom. The parents say students’ learning is selective toward the mandatory state tests, which leave out certain topics.


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