We made this website.

We are very excited to introduce you to the new and improved UniversityStar.com.  

Our new website comes during a transition from traditional to digital media, which is changing the way news is being produced and consumed. People are increasingly turning to digital media, and, unfortunately, The University Star’s website has not made for a very attractive or user-friendly web experience for the past few years.  

The print version of The University Star is very important to us, and our web presence needs to be held to the same high standards. We would never publish a paper we felt was unacceptable, and we’ve known for quite some time now that our website was not acceptable for one of the best university newspapers in Texas.

Rather than sit back and watch the media landscape evolve in front of our eyes, we’re hoping our new website will be the first of many steps to entering a new, digital-savvy world of journalism.

The University Star prides itself on being entirely student-produced, and the website is no exception. Where other college papers have contracted out their sites’ designs or relied on university staff, the Star’s new site was designed and developed from the ground up exclusively by students with editors’ specific needs in mind.

Like the print edition, the website is a constant work-in-progress and will undergo changes and updates on a daily basis. Thank you for reading, and please send any questions or bug reports to stardesign@txstate.edu. For best results, use the latest version of your browser.

Caitlin Clark, editor-in-chief
Lee Moran, design editor