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Texas Music Theater owners will change the venue’s name to The Marc and plan to feature a different variety of music performances.

Beginning in September, the venue housing Texas Music Theater will change its tune and name as a result of a partnership between San Marcos business owners Mike and Omar Dawoud and the owners of the original event space.

According to an Aug. 28 press release from Texas Music Theater, the venue will now be called The Marc, “a tribute to its location in downtown San Marcos.” The Dawoud’s will have control of day-to-day operations of The Marc. The venue will feature shows and concerts and allow private organizations and other promoters to reserve the The Marc for events, weddings and shows, according to the release. Omar Dawoud, a business senior, owns AfterDark Entertainment, a concert and events promotion business that will bring in different genres of music and rebrand the space, he said.

“We’re definitely going to be rebranding (Texas Music Theater) toward the college students,” Omar Dawoud said.

Scott Gregson, principal owner of the former Texas Music Theater’s venue, said in the press release it is important to focus the uniqueness of the new venue on the market most prevalent in downtown San Marcos—Texas State students

The venue will undergo a few physical changes to the space with the addition of custom VIP couches, tables in the upstairs area, pool tables, new paint and a new sign, Omar Dawoud said.

The Marc will be open on Tuesday as well as Thursdays through Saturdays, the press release said.

Omar Dawoud said he hopes The Marc will be the “centerpiece of nightlife entertainment for San Marcos.” He plans to make it “the place” to go to.

Texas State alumnus Tyler Boswell, operations manager of The Marc, said there has not been a place like The Marc in San Marcos for a long time.

“A couple years ago when TMT opened it had a really good vibe and people were in there, and basically we just want to get it back to where it was,” Boswell said.

Boswell said many people think The Marc will be getting rid of country music and becoming a “dubstep venue,” but that is not correct. He said it will feature all kinds of music. Boswell said while the majority of The Marc’s shows will be electronic music, they are “adapting to the times.”

“It won’t be a country venue anymore, it will cater to everyone rather than one focus group,” Omar Dawoud said. “But we will most definitely have country music, of course.”

Mike Dawoud, owner of Café on the Square and Omar Dawoud’s father, said the investors in the Texas Music Theater built the location as a state-of-the-art facility in the downtown area. Mike Dawoud said the city should be proud of the venue, and it is the Dawouds’ intention to fully utilize the property so they can continue to bring large audiences downtown for entertainment.

Omar Dawoud said the four staff members who worked at Texas Music Theater are continuing work at the new venue, and he his hiring 20 to 25 new employees.

Initial negotiations forof the partnership began a month ago, and it has been a fast process, Omar Dawoud said. The grand opening of The Marc is set for Sept. 6, but he would would not yet release the names of the acts set to perform that night.

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