Outlet mall hosts state’s first Tesla station

News Reporter

San Marcos became the home of the first Tesla Motor Supercharger station in the state Aug. 20.

At the Supercharger station, located at the San Marcos Premium Outlets, Model S car owners can charge their cars for 20 minutes and gain up to 150 miles for free, said Alexis Georgeson, spokesperson for Tesla. The station was opened for the convenience of its customers who are on long car trips. Tesla strategically built the  station along Interstate 35 since San Marcos is in the middle of Austin and San Antonio,  and it gives Model S car owners a chance to shop, eat or use the restroom while their cars charge, she said.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero said the Supercharger station is mainly benefitting the San Marcos Premium Outlets, and it will give San Marcos additional publicity.

“There’s a lot of people excited about it being here,” Guerrero said.

Previously, Model S owners had to exclusively charge their cars in their garage, which takes up to four or five hours, Georgeson said. The Supercharger station offers the fastest charging technology to help enable these convenient, quick charging stations, she said.

“First of all we have a really great relationship with Premium Outlets,” Georgeson said. “It’s a great place to put a Supercharger station, so customers can just stop and shop instead of waiting in their car for 20 minutes. San Marcos is a very green town and innovative and welcoming and thoughtful.”

The first Supercharger station was built last November in California, and Tesla has since expanded to the East Coast, Georgeson said. Georgeson said by the end of the year the company hopes to open a Supercharger station in Canada. She said the company is very focused on the Interstate 35 route because so many people travel on it daily, whether they come from Dallas, Austin or San Antonio. There are currently more than 700 Tesla customers in Texas, and officials plan to build another Supercharger in Waco in the future, Georgeson said.

Model S owners are the only people who directly benefit from the Supercharger since Tesla will not receive a profit, but it will help people feel more confident in electric cars, Georgeson said.

Tesla officials have made a point not to put Supercharger stations in major city centers, instead picking locations on major routes between major cities, Georgeson said. She said it is convenient for cross-country traveling, so people will be able to make it from station to station.

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