Rugby prepares for upcoming season


Sports Reporter

It is the beginning of rugby season and the Texas State men’s rugby team is in the zone. 

On a normal day of practice these guys work until copious amounts of sweat drip off their bodies. They look like they are not afraid of anything, including criticism. 

All coaches yell, but if you cannot take advice you will never become a better rugby player.

Jaden Ray, sophomore fly-half, is beginning his second year on the team. A fly half is known as the team tactician, with a role designed to handle the ball often and create offense. 

"Not everything comes down to raw athletic ability,” Ray said. “If the other team has more physical potential, as long as we can out pace them, we can win.” 

This year, the state of Texas will be joining other states by playing the more physical type of rugby, known as 15’s rather than their normal 7’s. This will allow them the opportunity to travel to play in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

The rugby team is different than most teams. They take what they can get. When they are assigned to practice on a field 30 feet away from a busy street, they do not care. Give them an audience and they will turn heads. 

“It’s 80 minutes with no stops,” Ray said. “There is one halftime but it’s only five minutes so it’s continuous play. It never gets boring and it’s fun to watch.”

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