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We hope everyone had a great first week of classes.  Although we know studies are important, we also know there is so much going on in world of television, and we just can’t wait for some of the new fall shows to premiere as well as enjoying some of summer favorites as they are wrapping up.  

Amanda Hill

One of my favorite shows from the summer is Bachelor in Paradise on ABC Mondays at seven.  The drama between the girls and the guys this season is intense and has captured America’s attention.  Between Ashley backstabbing Claire, Jesse playing multiple girls, Graham and Lacy suffering severe panic attacks, and Claire’s dramatic departure, this season has become extremely addictive.  

There is more to this show besides all of the melodrama.  I believe true love has been found between Marcus and Lacy.  Which girl wouldn’t want a guy to confess how he feels about you in front of everyone in the house in paradise and national television?  Although I believe this couple is meant to be, there are couples like Jesse and Christy.  I see no good coming out of that relationship, but we shall see what happens.  Tune in this Monday to catch onto this thrilling show. 

Speaking of love, I have heard a lot about a new popular show called Marriage at First Sight on FYI.  I know FYI isn’t a well-known T.V. network, but I got the channel for a few days when I first moved into my apartment. Although I missed the beginning, I was able to watch about half of the current season.  The entire idea sounds bizarre, but I think it was well thought-out.  For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a show where two strangers who are a perfect match (according to specialists) get married.  The first sight of one another is literally at the altar.  I think whoever volunteers for that kind of match making has some serious issues. 

I’m not sure if many teenagers watch the Lifetime channel, but if you want to watch a star in the making, Raising Asia is a great show to watch.  Nine-year-old Asia Monet Ray has extreme talent!  This kid has her own T.V. show and can dance, sing and model like a pro.  She is full of life and a bold personality.  We are looking at the future Beyoncé, guys, like seriously.  This show is all about watching her grow up and what it takes to become a star.  This is a definite must-see and shows Tuesdays at eight on Lifetime.

Bianca Gandaria                    

Thirty years ago, in 1984, the very first MTV Video Music Awards was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Actor/Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd and actress-singer Bette Midler co-hosted, Madonna gave her infamous, unforgettable wedding dress performance of “Like A Virgin,” The Cars won Video Of The Year for “You Might Think” and David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper won Best Male Video and Best Female Video respectively.

A lot has changed since then.

Last Sunday’s annual MTV 2014 VMA award show was held just south of Los Angeles at the Forum in Inglewood, California and was definitely one for the books in many aspects. Without a doubt, this time around the VMAs had a unique flavor distinct from recent years. Even Billboard’s review of this year’s show was “A show that distinguishes itself from years past.” It opened off with a bang: the “BANG BANG” trio of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J, that is. It was during that set performance that Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction, nothing in comparison to that of Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl XXXVIII halftime show. In fact, Nicki held the mishap quite well. What Nicki didn’t go all out for: Katy Perry took the reins on outrageous fashion but didn’t disappoint.

Not only did Katy Perry take home Best Female Video for Dark Horse, but she also took us all back in time! Katy and the artist Riff Raff took the scene by taking us all to a blast from the past by redoing the iconic denim-upon-denim outfit that then-iconic teen couple Britney Spears and JT had rocked back at the VMAs in 2001. Who wore is best is still up in the air, but Katy tweeted Britney about her red carpet surprise, to which did Britney replied back:

Along the way, we were treated to a variety of performances like that of country pop-turned-regular pop darling Taylor Swift, who introduced her sounds of “Shake It Off”; Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, who brought out a smoky performance of “Black Widow”; and, new to the awards show, 5 Seconds of Summer, who performed their song “Amnesia”.

Whether it was a good or bad thing, there was no twerking from Miley Cyrus this time. Either way, once again, Miley made a statement at the VMAs—this time for a different, and much more heartfelt, reason. Rather than coming up to accept the award for Video Of The Year with “Wrecking Ball,” she invited a young man named Jesse to the stage, who read a short, chilling speech addressing the reality of youth homelessness in Hollywood. We give Miley props for a powerful way to turn the VMAs into something more meaningful! (Click here to read Miley’s response to why she did what she did!)

To end the night right was the performance of the one and only Queen B. In reality, wasn’t this entire show just an extended introduction leading up to a Beyoncé mini-concert? Beyoncé gave a 16-minute performance of pure ***flawlessness and an oh-so emotional award acceptance that everyone in the audience and at home on their couches or college dorm could feel. The question now is, what should we look forward to for next year’s VMA’s? If you missed the VMA’s or want a recap of last Sunday’s madness, go to .

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