Motorcycle parking rules change in attempt to be ‘consistently fair’

Special to the Star

Beginning this semester, students, faculty and staff will see a change in parking permit pricing for motorcycles on campus.

Students who have already purchased any color of vehicle permit can now purchase a motorcycle permit at the reduced cost of $65. However, faculty and staff who were previously given motorcycle permits for free upon request with the purchase of their red, restricted permits must now pay $65 as well.

If a person does not purchase a vehicle permit of any kind, then the motorcycle permit will cost $115.

Stephen Prentice, assistant director of Parking Services, said in the past faculty and staff were given a motorcycle permit with the purchase of their vehicle permits, but now they have to buy one separately, like students.

Nancy Nusbaum, interim director of Transportation Services, said the change was brought about out of fairness, and it will remain permanent.

“We were just looking at all of our parking policy regulations and trying to make sure that we were consistently fair across all groups, and we decided that it wasn’t fair for students to have to pay full price and for faculty and staff to get them free if they bought another permit,” Nusbaum said.

The university decided to offer the motorcycle permit at half price instead of making everyone purchase both permits at full price, Nusbaum said.

Even though the change has been in place for over a week, one unnamed faculty member was upset about it, and he happened to be the same person who convinced the administration years ago not to charge faculty and staff, Nusbaum said.

“His suggestion has been reversed,” Nusbaum said. “He basically claimed that he couldn’t drive both vehicles at one time, but we had evidence that faculty and staff had spouses driving a car and a motorcycle on the same day and felt like it wasn’t fair.”

Amy McAllister, senior administrative assistant for the College of Education, said she thought the old policy was already fair.

“Personally, I don’t like the change, so I’ve abandoned my red permit altogether and just bought the full-price motorcycle permit.” McAllister said.

Pamela Neukirch, a recent advertising graduate, said she used to ride her Harley-Davidson motorcycle to campus and thinks the rules are fairer now. She wishes the change had happened sooner.

“It makes sense,” Neukirch said. “Faculty makes more than students make, so why wouldn’t they have to pay for their motorcycle parking?”

Alex Pena, electronic media senior , said he parks his motorcycle on campus and thinks the change is a great idea, but there should be more of a discount.

“This is fairer now, since there are more students than faculty anyway, although I think anything over $100 is ridiculous,” Pena said. “Where is all the money they’re squeezing out of us going?”