Students affected by delayed construction of Eight17 Lofts, Uptown Square apartments

News Editor

Some Texas State students have found themselves without a place to call home until the middle of the semester.

Two apartment complexes have had to delay move-in dates due to continuing construction. Students who signed with Eight17 Lofts and Uptown Square Apartments will have to seek alternative living for weeks to come.

 Weather played a large part in the move-in delay, said Jared Miller, chief marketing officer and president of Multifamily Operations and principal of INNOVATIVE Student Housing.

“We thought we would be much closer (to being finished) than we ended up,” Miller said.

Eight17 Lofts won’t be suitable for occupancy until Oct. 25, Miller said. Residents were presented with two options. They could be set up in a hotel room at Candlewood Suites or Windgate and would receive a $25 per diem for transportation and “incidentals.” The second option was to just receive $100 for every day that move-in is late, Miller said.

Residents at Eight17 Lofts were not given the option to be let out of their leases, Miller said.

“There really hasn’t been interest in getting out of the lease,” Miller said.

The $100 per day is “enticing,” and that money is coming out of the ownership’s pockets, he said.

“Late move-ins are always (detrimental),” Miller said. “We’ve been leasing pretty steadily.”

Leasing at Eight17 Lofts has actually “amped up” for November and January move-ins despite the delays this fall, Miller said.

This is the first time there has been a delay opening a new property for Eight17 Lofts, Miller said. He said the whole process has been a “learning experience.”

Charles Wright, communication design junior, was supposed to live at Uptown Square Apartments this fall. Instead, he opted out of his lease due to move-in delays.

“We were told that we were going to be moving in August 15th when we signed the original lease,” Wright said.

In the middle of June, the move-in date got moved back to Aug. 23, and if Wright had maintained his lease, he would not have been able to move in until Oct. 23.

A contingency plan was set in place in the event that Uptown Square Apartments was not finished on time, and it was adjusted to give students more money, Wright said. Residents could pick between receiving $500 per week or management would put them in a hotel and they would receive $89 each week, Wright said.

“They were as professional as they could be,” Wright said.

Tena O’Hara, regional manager for Uptown Square, said residents are receiving gift cards as well. Residents knew about the plan in case there were delays when they signed their leases, O’Hara said.

“No one is displaced,” O’Hara said. “We’ve always communicated with all of our residents to make sure they knew what was going on.”

Certain things cannot be controlled when it comes to construction, O’Hara said. Weather played a large part in why Uptown Square is having delayed move-ins, but O’Hara said residents aren’t upset about the late date.

“At this point, everyone seems very happy,” O’Hara said.

Uptown Square Apartments will be a “luxury community” when it is done, she said.

Wright attested to the appeal of Uptown Square. Last year, he signed a lease with Vistas San Marcos and was not able to move into the complex until the day before school started.

“We said we’d never do it again,” Wright said. “Uptown was so pretty that we couldn’t resist.”

O’Hara also recalled the late move-ins last fall.

“I know that last year was really terrible,” she said.

There are currently 140 people  who leased with Uptown Square Apartments and have not been able to move in, O’Hara said. 233 people who leased with Eight17 Lofts are still waiting to move in, Miller said.