Stadium seating to be reserved for Greek students

News Reporter

Texas State Athletics, in collaboration with Greek Affairs, plans to reserve a section of seats at Bobcat Stadium during football games for students in sororities and fraternities.

Approximately 420 seats in section 111 of the stadium, rows six through 22, will be sectioned off under the new plan. The seats will be released to the general public if not filled by kickoff. Non-Greek students can sit in the section if accompanied by Greek students, said Bryan Miller, director of Athletic Marketing and Promotions.

 “(Athletics and Greek Affairs) have been talking about it for a couple years now, and we think the time is right to finally try it out,” Miller said.  “It is on a trial-run basis as of the moment and may or may not be run during the Navy game depending on overall attendance and the possibility of the game selling out.”

Miller said he helped move the plan along in conjunction with Greek Affairs.

Greek students and organizations will not be paying to reserve the section, Miller said. 

“Our overall goal is to increase attendance at football games, and we think it could be a good incentive to get more students to the games,” Miller said.

Cesar Manzanera, pre-physical therapy sophomore and non-Greek, said he believes blocking off a section for Greeks is a good idea because it “empowers the students of Greek Life and shows school spirit.”

“When I go to a football game, I want a big crowd cheering and getting loud,” Manzanera said. “We should be proud of our school and teams, and going out and showing up is a great way to support our football team.”

Hunter Stewart, marketing sophomore and vice president of Phi Kappa Psi, said he thinks a section specifically for Greeks will help strengthen the Greek community.

“Football games are a great place to mix Greek students together so they can meet other Greeks and make friendships they otherwise wouldn't have,” Stewart said.

The Texas State football team was bowl-eligible in the 2013 season with a 6-6 record in its first year in the Sun Belt Conference. Attendance at the games goes into consideration in deciding whether or not to invite teams to a bowl game, according to the Texas State Athletics website. In 2013, Texas State was not chosen to participate in a bowl game in part because of its poor attendance rates, according to the website.

Athletics tried boosting attendance at games with events such as the “Pack Bobcat Stadium Spirit Rally,” but still failed to gain the attendance needed to earn a bowl invitation, according to the Athletics website.

Creating special seating for Greeks is another attempt at reaching the goal of packing Bobcat Stadium, Miller said.