Fun Fall Events

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Most Texas State students are plagued by one of two event scheduling problems: either they’re faced with the possibility of so many seemingly-fun activities that it’s impossible to fit it all unto their Bookstore-issued planner, or they’re so bored on a Thursday night that attending an extra credit lecture session is actually starting to sound appealing. To avoid the stress that accompanies either situation, The University Star has sifted through sites and pared it down to the top four events no one should miss.

•          Texas State Talent Show tryouts

Even if the closet you’ve come to talent show participation is miming along to the “Mean Girls” Jingle Bell Rock scene, you’ll still be welcomed at the Texas State talent show.  Singing, joke-telling, dancing and musical instruments are all great options for tryouts, which will be held next week from Sept. 2-4. Gather your hall mates or student organization for a group number or belt it solo-style.

•          Texas State Bra Night

On behalf of the Texas State Cancer Advocacy Movement for Colleges and Outreach (CAMCO), Texas State hosts its Bra Night fashion show event every fall. The well-loved event raises awareness and funds for breast cancer through bras designed by Texas State’s most creative students. Organizations from all ends of Texas State design bras from scratch to compete with other organizations in a competition to see who can get the most creative in a bra-wearing runway walk-off. As the girls strut their stuff on LBJ’s runway Zoolander-style, you can bet this will be a show you don’t want to miss.

•          Family Weekend

Show your parents where their little boy or girl—and their money!—is going. Bring your family to visit Texas State’s campus for a weekend packed with fun events designed to help them get to the school and town of San Marcos a bit better. Events include a historical wine walk and golf tournament made for groups to enjoy together. Registration is $25 for ages four and up, and can be found on the Texas State website. The weekend kicks off Sept. 12.

•          Homecoming

The most popular and well-loved event offered by Texas State, Homecoming is a Texas State tradition designed for everyone from freshman to 10-year alumni. No matter what interests you, Homecoming and the events leading up to it has something for everyone and every group on campus. The annual homecoming talent show, powderpuff football and the highly competitive soapbox derby bring together organizations and groups from all over campus for a week of friendly fighting.  The week ends with the always-packed football game on Oct. 4 and the season’s biggest tailgate.