Take time to appreciate the greatness of Mac Miller


Anyone else out there a Mac Miller fan? He is a young rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a whole lot of talent and even more heart. Let us take a moment to appreciate just how great this rap star really is. Now, I understand that he’s no Jay-Z or Kanye West yet, but he is really working his way up there. “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” is one of my all-time favorite albums.

Mac is a complete genius on it, and you can definitely hear how much he has grown up since he was “Easy Mac with the cheesy raps.” Easy Mac was Miller’s old rap name, and yes, he had some cheesy raps.  

The Pittsburgh native has three different alter egos, all of which are named Larry. Whether he is taking on the alter ego of Larry Lovestein or Larry Fisherman, you have to admit that his raps have a certain charisma to them. I mean seriously, when is the last time you heard someone rap and refer to a book or a work of art? The kid is intelligent. Each song is different from the one before it, just like his alter egos. Every word is powerful and sometimes playful.

I haven’t heard hip-hop like Miller’s in a while. He has really changed up the game. Most rappers now tend to make music that is meaningless and simply foolish. I am sorry, Jason Derulo, but I just do not feel like wiggling. For being only a kid in this industry, “Easy Mac” has schooled some of the so-called best out there.

He has really grabbed the attention of many since his first album release in 2011. MTV even gave Mac his own reality TV show called “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family.” The show opens up the door to Mac’s life for his fans. It shows how he and his closest friends live their new lives in Los Angeles, California.

All the struggles and fun times are covered by the show. Trust me, the dude can live it up. Having a window into Mac’s life really helps his audience understand his work. When you can paint a picture from someone’s words, it is easier to say that you understand.

Miller is different, and that makes his music different, which is what makes it good. Most rap artists choose to make songs about money or women or money and women, and although Miller does have songs about both of those things, he raps about the pain of love and not giving up on life. He makes songs that celebrate being a child at heart and never giving up on your dreams. Sometimes it feels as if he is speaking to you instead of rapping for you.

Mac has proven so many people wrong with his incredible climb to the top. One good mixtape hit changed his world forever. There were critics who did not believe in Miller’s music. Critics who tore him down and harshly judged him for what he rapped about. Now it seems all those critics were wrong. I hope to hear plenty more from the famous rap star Mac Miller. A job well done to all four of you.  

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