How about we try and avoid gaining another 15 pounds?



Ladies and gentlemen, can you guys believe it? School is already starting again. Now I don’t know about you guys, but whenever school breaks come around, I like my body to take a break as well. For you first year kids that are worried about the “Freshman 15,” that is total nonsense, if you are cautious of what you eat. Yes, I do realize that guilt starts to build up inside of me from eating scrumptious non-healthy foods, but I mean goodness. If only healthy foods could taste the same way as non-healthy foods. Well, I have proven myself wrong for the millionth time and I have discovered food that is healthy and tastes amazing. Now that the school year is starting and the quickest way to get food is fast food, stop. There is plenty of food that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

Alright, so here is what I’ve got for you guys:

For the students who live on campus, there are definitely choices where you can substitute unhealthy foods to foods that are healthier and surprisingly taste better.

The Lair:

At the Lair, you can go to Wild Greens where you can build up your own personal salad. There are a variety of fresh veggies and protein, and you can pick whatever dressing of your choice. There is also Socrates Gyros, which is Greek cuisine, but nevertheless it is a much healthier choice than if you were to get a nice greasy pizza from Pizza Hut. Going downstairs, you have Chick-fil-A where they serve salads and wraps. Definitely a place to go if you are in a rush. Right beside Chick-fil-A, you have Au Bon Pain, which is a brand new café with delicious meals. You can get wraps, sandwiches, and also some amazing soup.

Jones Dining:

At Jones, there is a fresh sushi bar, which sells all kinds of different types of sushi. There is also Chillin N Grillin, where you can also personalize your wrap with greens, lean meat, and a dressing of your choice. There is also Mr. B’s Grinders, which is a mini Subway, and I mean who doesn’t like customizing sandwiches?

Harris and Commons Dining:

This is the jackpot of all dining places on Texas State campus. Harris and Commons are buffet-style dining areas where there are plenty of healthy choices. So instead of grabbing pizza, pasta, burritos and let’s just say, the “Good Stuff,” you can definitely substitute greens and veggies. I know, it takes time to getting used to, but I promise that your body is going to love it more! So, you can get a healthy meal by getting any kind of vegetables, with leans meats (chicken, fish, turkey).

All in all, it all depends if you want to look out at what you are eating. I for one defeated the “Freshman 15” by grabbing healthier choices. There were times where I did fall into the food temptation, but that would be my only cheat day, and you guys can definitely incorporate that into your style as well. If you are eating so well during the week, and if you decide to eat a slice of pizza, it is OK. One cheat meal is not going to hurt if you eat very well all the time, so don’t fret my friends.

I hope you first year students have a great time at Texas State, and I wish you all the luck.

Remember: make the healthy choice.

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