City, campus offer variety of study spots

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As the school year kicks into gear, it is essential for Bobcats to remember studying is an important factor in solidifying academic success. A part of growing up and becoming the responsible young adults people expect us to be is learning what works best on an individual basis. Studying can be difficult if the environment is not right, but luckily there are many options on and off campus for all types of students.

There are several places to go on campus. The quiet floors at the library are an obvious choice many students make when considering on-campus study hideouts. Another study spot that may not be as obvious is the computer lab in the Writing Center. Additionally, there are plenty of spaces to quietly study on the first floor of Commons where the testing center is.

San Marcos is full of coffee shops that cater to a wide variety of interests. Stellar Café offers students convenient access, as it is located right off of North LBJ and within walking distance of campus. Stellar Café is a good solution for freshmen or anyone else living on campus who wants to get away from their dorm rooms but still be around people.  Coffee houses such as Tantra and Jo on the Go offer Bobcats and San Martians alike an artsy environment perfect for getting stuff done. Both of those, in addition to Wake the Dead, are open late so all the night owls that prefer coffee can swoop in. Mochas & Javas is another good option for those that frequent the music building because it is right across the street.

For the nature lovers that like to feel the sun on their back and the wind in their hair, there are plenty of study options available as well. An on-campus spot that also has an outdoor element is the courtyard in the middle of Taylor-Murphy Hall. Students who wish to get their learning in next to the quiet serenity of the river should try going to Rio Vista at the end of the rapids. Rio Vista offers a quieter solution away from all of the bros skipping class to go to Sewell Park. If sitting in a nice field of grass is more preferable, the big lawn next to the art building is a good spot. Another on campus location is the brick area and grassy field in front of Harris Dining Hall. In addition, the waterfall next to Saltgrass Steak House can provide a quiet oasis for studying. 

All in all, regardless of where exactly students choose to study, the most important thing is that the studying gets done.