Greek involvement on the rise


Texas State has over 200 organizations and a yearly increase of student body. Many can be seen sporting shirts emblazoned with a series of Greek letters on a daily basis. As is the case with the campus’ enrollment increase, Bob Dudolski, assistant dean of students, said Greek involvement is expanding as well.

“There is always increases every year,” Dudolski said. “There’s an increase in all organizations. It’s pretty consistent. Some are different sizes, but that depends on how large they want to become.”

The university has a total of 36 Greek organizations. These organizations vary in focus, with some emphasizing religion, sociability or community service. Dudolski said there is no difference in how they function.

“Just because an organization is social doesn’t mean they don’t do services,” Dudolski said. “They all have services that they are involved in and take seriously. The organizations each have a national umbrella they come from. They have the same recruitment styles.”

Building a lasting relationship among students and friends is Greek recruitment’s ultimate goal, but this activity has as evolved from typical student solicitation on The Quad.

Each year, Texas State’s Greek Affairs pushes the invisible line between the prospective member and the organization, prompting an inviting and supportive atmosphere. More social and personable recruiting techniques are the result, including the Recruitment 365 program.

“The 365 program increases Greek visibility,” Greek Affairs coordinator Aaron Noon said. “The national recruitment conference really pushes for relationships with individuals. They meet up with them on a social setting, maybe a dinner or baseball game, to see if they meet moral standards that organization is looking for.”

The upstanding individual is a vital component to the recruiting process. Dudolski advised students to thoroughly know and understand specific requirements before considering rush.

Dudolski said an important component to consider before participating in recruitment is chapter GPA requirements. They vary by chapter, but the school imposes an across-the-board 2.5 minimum.

“Each organization is different,” Noon said. “They all look for their own things and individuals that are involved and bring things to the table. They are more likely looking at well-rounded individuals that give back and can be successful.”