Commissioners discuss possible facility funding

senior News Reporter

A special commissioners court meeting was held Monday evening to discuss possible action to order a bond election for the November ballot to fund several new law enforcement facilities.

According to a county press release, the facilities being considered for the bond proposition are a new jail, a multi-jurisdiction dispatch center and a law enforcement center.

At the meeting in The Hays County Courthouse, Broaddus & Associates representative Stephen Coulston presented possible layouts and plans for the new buildings.

Coulston said that building and site layouts have been developed for a new Hays County jail, a joint city and county law enforcement center, as well as a joint training center, which would be a repurposing of the existing jail facility.

Coulston presented two jail options, Option 2A and Option 2B. Option 2A would be a two-story facility and cost $120 million in total, while Option 2B would cost over $124 million and be 1.5 stories. Both options were created with future expansion in mind.

All of the facilities would be paid for primarily by Hays County and the City of San Marcos, along with contributions from Kyle, Buda and Texas State. The way all of the costs will be split between all parties has not been finalized, officials said.

Ultimately, the court elected to wait until the May elections to vote on the bond in order to give the citizens the best possible information regarding the projects before they cast their votes. 

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