World Cup brings spike in San Marcos business

Senior News Reporter

Several San Marcos businesses reported a spike in business due to this year’s World Cup.

After a solid month of soccer, the 2014 FIFA World Cup concluded when the German national team defeated Argentina 1-0 in overtime. Local bars like Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub and The Railyard Bar and Grill were two businesses that saw major increases in clientele due to patrons wanting to tune in to the action taking place in Brazil.

“We were busy for most of the games,” said Chance Garbutt, manager at Sean Patrick’s. “We had a lot of different people coming in; different fans for different countries depending which game was going on. The U.S. games were obviously the busiest.”

Alcohol and food sales were higher than average at Sean Patrick’s during the World Cup, and the pub had to increase the amount of employees working accordingly, Garbutt said. 

“For our USA games, we would almost have to bring in our whole staff in order to serve the customers quickly,” Garbutt said.

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team made it through the group stage, defeating the Ghanaian team for the first time in World Cup history, along with tying with Portugal and suffering a loss to Germany. The USMNT were eliminated in the Round of 16 by Belgium, and were ranked 15th overall in the tournament.

Brandon Bruce, an employee at Railyard, said the USA games brought in the most people to the bar and grill.

“We usually run one bartender during the day every day, and during the World Cup we had to run two bartenders and several extra servers,” Bruce said.

Bruce, a soccer fan, said the World Cup was an overall positive experience both on and off the clock.

“It was excellent for business, and it was good to see people care about soccer for once,” he said.