Student PDA on campus inappropriate, unnecessary

When in public, displaying affection for a significant other should be kept to a bare minimum out of respect for passersby.

As a single person, watching two people make out on my way to class is not the way that I want to start my day. Affection should be expressed but should be kept to a minimum to avoid upsetting the stomachs of fellow students.

Love is a beautiful thing and should rightly be expressed when the feeling is mutual with a significant other. However putting a spotlight on it in The Quad during rush hour so every bystander, including visiting parents, can see how strong the love is, is probably not the way to go.

There are plenty of other ways to keep the budding romance alive without overt public displays of affection. Simply holding hands or a goodbye kiss on the cheek are both benign and acceptable ways to share feelings in public without basically giving mouth-to-mouth.

These overly enthusiastic couples need to calm it down on social media as well. I already saw the Facebook status change from “single” to “in a relationship.” I really do not need to see a play-by-play status update every ten seconds detailing how much someone loves another person.

Last I checked, this is not high school. So, this whole “hacking” of the significant others’ profile and leaving cutesy but nauseating status updates should be left to the teens that are still shopping at Hot Topic.

For the love of all things sane and normal, do not get a joint Facebook account or any social media platform for that matter. Two people in a relationship are two people in a relationship. They do not magically become one entity that relies solely on the other for life support. Couples may reasonably share a lot of things together, as they rightfully should in order to grow with each other. However, people need their space and having a joint social media account is the biggest form of PDA I have ever seen.

It is good to miss each other. Spend time apart, or go the whole day without holding hands or kissing. That way when the mini-reunion kiss happens, it is all the more special.

Again, showing love and affection for a significant other should not be stopped altogether or saved strictly for the bedroom, but it should be kept to a publicly acceptable minimum. A good way to judge if PDA is going too far is to imagine the mother of the significant other walking up. Would she like what she saw? If the answer is no, then the PDA may have been taken a little too far.