Summer Fashion Trends


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In the cyclical and ever-rotating world of fashion, old styles become new trends with each passing season. This summer, 80s and 90s resurgence pieces have dominated runways, stores and college campuses, giving legs to the adage ‘What goes around comes around.’

A popular style 20 years ago, shorts-style overalls—also known as dungarees—have become a staple in the fashionable Millennial’s wardrobe. For an updated spin on the yesteryear classic, layer a thin tank or bandeau under the denim.

Mandy Murphy, Strut sales associate, said the warmer months bring with it the comeback of a summertime classic—lace.  To avoid looking like a very tan doily, Murphy recommends incorporating lace pieces to structured, tougher looks like denim and leather. The good girl—or boy!—gone bad ensemble theme is a classic for a reason.

If 90s style still feels more Full House than house party to you, wind back the clock even further and channel your parents in all their 1980s glory.

“Everything this summer is very 80s inspired right now,” said Hope Carroll, sales associate at Crickets & Lotz of Shoes.  “Everything is (in) really bright, fun colors.” Tight-and-bright has been a longstanding summer tradition, but it is now easier than every to incorporate thanks to the influx of neon bathing suits in stores this season.

For a few years now, the most dynamic, fear-and-jealousy-inspiring summer combination has been the crop top-high-waisted shorts combination.  Seen everywhere from the runway to Tumblr and on everyone from Cara Delevigne to your too-cool lab partner, this look is often perceived as incredibly difficult to pull off. However, this summer brought with it a very different kind of crop top, enabling girls—and boys—of all shapes to pull off this look. Longer, looser and fuller crop tops are now the style du jour, showing just a sliver of skin between your waistband and shirt hem. Because the shorts are high-waisted, the flesh exposed it at the most flattering point of the abdomen. Be sure to skip any cropped blouse with puffy sleeves or too much lace (and all heart-shaped sunglasses, for that matter). 

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